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Erica Durance as Jules
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David Palffy as Ari
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April Telek as Maria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ryan_robbins-12 / 10

Exposition destroys it

When the characters have to spend the last 10 minutes of the film explaining what the audience didn't see that supposedly made everything that it did see make sense, you have a problem.

In short, the more the villain talked at the end, the lower the film's rating got. And the more the heroine talked in the last scene, the worse it got.

That's quite rare for a film.

Reviewed by ginof-226493 / 10

A really high 3 stars

It's not a terrible movie and has kind of a good plot line with twist and turns all though some of them are ridiculous. That's mainly why I gave it a 3 rating. Parts like while at a in home funeral a few characters refer to the event as a party lol. When a bird hits the apartment window and a hawk swoops in to get an easy meal the preggo lead gets excited and calls the bird a piece of s*** lol. So, overall it was a good story, but poorly acted and too many blaring mistakes will have you rolling eyes. The best part...Keegan Conner Tracey is in it.

Reviewed by kobara11 / 10

Worst writing ever...

This might possibly be the lamest movie I've ever watched. The writing was so horrible, that my friend and I only continued to watch it so we could mock it. I cannot believe this was made into a movie. And on top of that fact, only a few of the people could actually act. The lines were so forced, it was embarrassing. The idea for the movie sounded good, which is why I was interested to watch it in the first place ~ but what could have made for a good story was just not there. I'm surprised that the few people who could actually act, took on the roles. As an actor/actress, I'd have quit after one read of the script. If you want to watch a mystery movie to get a good laugh, then this is it. You will not be disappointed on that front.

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