Some Time Later

2018 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Blanca Suárez as Méndez
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Maria Caballero as Isabel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

The future is ... now

When it comes to social comentary this movie is right on the money. While this obviously is playing in the distant (or near?) future, this also is depicting the present and past and class structures. It is absurd and funny at the same time. It also is quite light.

At the same time some of its themes are quite heavy. Which is to be expected. The movie is surreal and strange to a degree that might annoy you, if you are not into this sort of thing. Maybe watch the trailer to be sure you can handle it ... if you do, there is much fun to be had

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

A surrealist movie with a lot of ridiculous and absurd incidents and all Spanish star cast

An abstract and embarrassing film set in a far future, the year 9177. World is limited to a high skycraper in middle of a barren landscape, surrounded by small isolated slums and ruined shacks where live the lower classes . At the building lives the upper class and governs an absented-mind king, a mayor, a management staff, while two Guardias Civiles watch and control by entering through the multitude of doors at the skycraper. Other peculiar characters are the hairdressers, a veteran shepherd caring his sheep across the corridors , a bartender, a nun, a priest and a man who attempts to sell lemonade. Then, there takes place a riot, and the hapless people living outskirts the building enter at the skycraper to reckoning against the powerful rulers.

This is a disconcerting flick providing Spanish star-studded, including a numerous cast with 20 protagonists, at least. Standing out the following ones : Roberto Alamo, Blanca Suarez, Iñaqui Ardenaz, Manolo Solo, Antonio de la Torre . And Tv stars and presenters as Berto Romero, Eva Hache, Andreu Buenafuente who also produced. And other secondaries in brief appearances as Secun De La Rosa, Gabino Diego, Saturnino Garcia, Carlos Areces and a singer : Miguel Rios, among others. Director Jose Luis Cuerda shows his special sense of humor in which blends social as well as political critique, life, death, religion, fight of classes and upheavals. The picture relies heavily on repetitive situations, silly happenings, long speeches, sentences without sense and absurd deeds. This film belongs to a surrealist trilogy made in similar style : first the successful Amanece que no es poco 1989 and Asi en el cielo como en la tierra 1995, these movies provide the peculiar absurd humor of this good filmmaker Jose Luis Cuerda.

It packs a luxurious and colorful cinematography by Pau Esteve. And lively, enjoyable score by notorious composer Lucio Godoy. This film was written by Jose Luis Cuerda who also produced and directed, as usual. Cuerda is an expert professional, being his film debut Pares y Nones, a typical Madrid comedy. He subsequently made El Bosque Animado with writings by Rafael Azcona and himself, being based on Wenceslao Fernandez Florez novel. He followed shooting drama : La viuda del Capitan Contreras and more and more comedies as Tocando Fondo and La Marrana. His biggest hits correspond as a producer, as he produced for Alejandro Amenabar : Tesis and Abre Los Ojos. His highest acclaimed film as a director was Lengua de las Mariposas that won various Goya Awards, prizes and niminations. Rating 5.5/10. Passable.

Reviewed by sanda_moroianu9 / 10

A Spanish Monty Python

It is beyond my comprehension why this film has such poor rating. The more we watched, the more we laughed. The value of this film resides in the dialogues: witty, silly, smart, deliciously absurd and full of allusions and friendly wink-wink's to the connoisseurs of Spanish literature. It is an adorable pastiche, a full-fledged parody, an epitome of the absurd. Don't expect it to be sci-fi- as it is presented on HBO-Go. It's (just) a silly comedy, touching on a plethora of weak spots of the contemporary society, of us as individuals. The post cards in the lobby of the only building left on Earth-who do they send them to? The sheep happily grazing on the rooftop of the only building left. The utter disruption caused by the unemployed man who starts selling lemonade, ending in everybody selling it to who knows who! The two victims of the trigger-happy priest exchanging impressions on incoming death. The group of young rebels, acting anything but rebel. All representatives of institutions in power left in twos, like in Noah's arch. A king acting as the idiot of the village... I'm smiling as I write this review. Well done, guys!

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