2009 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Javier Botet as Tristana Medeiros
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Manuela Velasco as Ángela Vidal
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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen6 / 10


A somewhat nice continuation of the first "Rec" movie.

"Rec 2" picks up right where "Rec" left you when it ended. So that is nice.

The characters in the movie were believable and well portrayed, especially because they have that every-day-man-and-woman feel to them, they are just like you and me. That makes the movie all the more real.

Again, picking up the scenery and sets from the first "Rec" movie makes for a good scenery with a constant underlying sense of dread and claustrophobia.

The make up on the infected were good, and the effects were nice as well.

Again the camera work was amazing, makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of the chaos. The way the movie is shot works so well, it is like participating in a superb horror game.

Now, what I didn't like about "Rec 2" was the whole possession and Christian propaganda approach they had decided to turn the story to. But looking beyond that, the movie in its entirety came together as a good experience. There were no major frights though, but there was a constant thrill and a sense of being stalked and feeling boxed it. That worked so well.

The ending was very predictable and anti-climatic though. And as such the movie experience is just a notch below the first "Rec" movie. And I am sure this will also spawn a crappy Hollywood Americanized version of the movie, like the first "Rec" movie. It is a disgrace to movies worldwide when Hollywood decides to sink their greedy claws into a good product and milk it for what its worth.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho6 / 10

A Good Sequel but Inferior to the Original Film

The medical Dr. Owen (Jonathan Mellor) leads a three-men SWAT team inside the sealed off building to get blood sample from the girl Medeiros to develop an antidote. They are attacked by the zombie-like creatures and Dr. Owen locks a zombie inside a room using a crucifix. He discloses that the patient zero was possessed by the evil and the Vatican sent him to save mankind. Further, they will only leave the building under his voice command. Meanwhile, three teenagers follow a fireman and a man that breaks into the building through the sewage system to rescue his colleague and daughter respectively and they are trapped inside. They are lured and release the evil creature that was locked by Dr. Owen in a room. Out of the blue, the lead team meets the journalist Ângela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) hidden inside the building.

"Rec 2" is a good sequel of the 2007 "Rec" but inferior to the original film. The three teenagers are too stupid and they do not add anything but foolishness to the story. Further, the idea of an evil possession and a priest exorcising evil but needing the blood for an antidote seems to be inconsistent. The good point is the unexpected conclusion. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Rec 2"

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

In the meantime

As I just saw here on IMDb, the REC movies seem to be going to be a franchise, with Parts 3 and 4 already green-lit. What seems to make them different, is that the makers of the first two, still seem to be involved (at least in part 3 that is). And while the follow-up plays at the same location as the first one, it tells a different story. For some the story may not seem that different though.

And that is just one of the factors that might put people of this movie. The second one are the undertones of the movie. Because you might not agree to what levels they take this one (when it just was looking like another re-telling of the first part). I liked that, though at least at the first part, it seemed to take away the tension and horror out of the movie. Still very well done and a climax that is (almost) at par with the first movies climax.

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