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Reviewed by tkaine36 / 10

5 people have to examine and do testing for contaminants like asbestos in a old shutdown psychiatric ward. but more things are growing inside these walls then they were told.

Wow I never heard of this movie so I was pleasantly surprised. It's in German I think with English Subtitles, the script was fine not great but not cheesy. The Camera and directing was superb. I'll be going to see if part 1 was what this movie failed to pull off. I mean it was the best set up for a scary movie I think so far i've seen this year in 2016 and this movie released in 2015. I mean it showed so many different elements of the horror in this movie and it was shown very early in the movie. animals, kids,old people not to give too much away I was very impressed and pretty creeped out for the first half of the movie and it was a pretty long movie just under 2hrs & 15 minutes not saying I have a short attention span but I think it was a little drawn out and I thinking the end it just didn't add up enough and a lot of the characters purposes were not explained enough to give the movie good characterization which kind of spoiled the scary Ness at the end but I guess it was worth the watch didn't really surprise me at all so it definitely could of and should of been better. The cast was good actors and the women were attractive so I guess that helped. For a scary movie with subtitles I would recommend this and give a 6 out of 10 .. Creepy but don't over think it.

Reviewed by jasonleighward7 / 10

Don't read too much into the negative reviews and just watch it.

It's a decent watch. People seem to be giving it bad reviews because it's not as good as the first or its like another film... Who cares. Just watch it for what it is

Reviewed by WisdomsHammer4 / 10

Hazmat Suits and Bad Decisions

This movie takes quite a while to get going and when it finally wraps up, you're left with more questions than answers. It's about a team of people who go into an old asylum building to assess it for hazardous materials. Or something. A sort of librarian goes with them to grab any records that might be worth keeping. They end up being the worst hide and seek players ever in a cat and mouse game between them and an unknown adversary. The kinds of decisions most of these characters make throughout the course of the movie will leave you with little sympathy for them. I found myself hoping they would die - especially the team leader. I did find it scary, creepy, and suspenseful, and I thought it was well shot and performed. I would have liked more of an explanation for what was happening and why, but if the intention was for us to be just as in the dark as the people in the movie, I sort of get it. But I didn't like it. I've seen other reviewers saying that this ripped off Session 9, and I can see why they said that, but I wasn't thinking of Session 9 while watching this. Session 9 was definitely better, though. See that instead.

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