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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

Sweet indeed

Lifetime Christmas films are a mixed bag, some are good, some are bad, some are somewhere in between. Few from what has been seen are unwatchable though. 'Sweet Mountain Christmas' premise is far from being original but it did have potential and sounded agreeable. Megan Hilty is a very talented singer and Teryl Rothery has a knack for stealing scenes, though how good Marcus Rosner is in his films is dependent on how his characters are written.

2019's 'Sweet Mountain Christmas' is nothing extraordinary or a classic, but it was likeable and engaging enough fluff with a warm sweet centre and many good things. 2019 was a very hit and miss year for Lifetime, but while not one of their very best overall 'Sweet Mountain Christmas' is towards being one of their better 2019 festive efforts. And this is by quite some way, as 2019 was a particularly variable year for Lifetime (leaning towards unexceptional).

'Sweet Mountain Christmas' has more good things than bad. Am going to briefly get the bad out of the way. The characters could have done with more development, they are not dull or annoying but they don't start from somewhere and grow, will agree that Laney is too perfect from the start. Character motivations could have been delved into more, as it was somewhat distracting to think why a certain character is acting like this.

Parts of the script are a bit too awkward and the cheese factor is a bit much. The story does compel, but takes somewhat too long to get going and can be too slight and at times silly.

There are so many good things despite all that. It is not lavish, but it doesn't try to do too much stylistically while not being static. The scenery is very pretty to look at. The music doesn't drown out anything, nor does it feel like it's too low key. Absolutely agree with those that have praised the wonderful "Lets Kiss This Christmas". The direction is sympathetic without lagging too much. While the script is far from perfect, it does get better as 'Sweet Mountain Christmas' progresses.

Again, while the story is imperfect, it also has a good deal to like about it, despite it being very typical Lifetime in terms of what goes on. It is charming and light-hearted, complete with a warm heart, a pleasingly and not too sugary centre and a good deal of smile-worthy moments. While there could have been more conflict and the central relationship could have done with more growth, it's not a bland film, it doesn't feel too contrived and there is definite chemistry that looks at ease. Hilty is a vibrant presence and wows with her voice, and Rosner's charming performance here is among his better ones in my view. Rothery steals every scene she's in.

Concluding, not great but nice. 6.5/10

Reviewed by Jackbv1237 / 10

Except for a little singing this is mostly rehash of same old Christmas romance stories

Big city girl comes home and runs into old flame that she once abandoned (but maybe not totally one-sided). Like so many Lifetime movies this year, storm Meghan strands her and she can't get where she needs to be for her fading career. Meanwhile she remembers what she loved about home. Almost all of this has been done dozens of times, if not over a hundred times.

So what makes this different. Not much beyond a few songs by Hilty. I can't say the personalities were that appealing. Laney starts out totally self-centered, a little rude, and almost mean at times. Her relationship with Robby has no spark and is frankly boring. I didn't really care about that, or about her career developments either.

Teryl Rothery put in her usual great supporting role.

I'm glad that this movie takes advantage of the people with good voices and gives us some Christmas music. I wish more Christmas movies would do it and that the ones that do a little would do more.

The movie ends with several minutes of professional quality singing performances including a Christmas song that I was not previously familiar with.

Reviewed by sky-4335810 / 10

"Mistletoe" (Let's Kiss This Christmas) song

Thanks for the positive feedback on our song that Laney sings at the end~ you can find "Mistletoe" by Sky Wyatt featuring Karen Lee Batten wherever you find your music. Happy Holidays!

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