Magic Stocking


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Mystery / Romance

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Bridget Regan as Lindsey Monroe
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Victor Webster as Scott Terrell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv1235 / 10

Just OK

The theme of this movie seemed to be that the characters just needed to believe (in magic?) The events were certainly not explainable in normal terms.

To me the movie was just a little underwhelming. The story was OK, but not great. The heartwarming moments were nice but just OK. Even the ending was not really that big a deal.

I did not like Lindsey. I don't think you can blame Bridget Regan. Maybe they just played on the heartbroken widow theme too long and too hard. I think that most guys in Scott's shoes would have said that she was just too much trouble, although it is much to Scott's credit that he felt compassion for her situation. Iris Quinn was good as a slightly overbearing, but in reality a good grandmother. Imogen Tear was pretty good as Hannah. They really had some cute puppies.

Reviewed by SimonJack7 / 10

Light-hearted comedy and fun liven up this very good Christmas fantasy film

"Magic Stocking" is a good Christmas movie that offers more than a saccharine or formulaic romance. This one incorporates some very good whimsy and comedy, along with drama and healing from the loss of a husband. The romance isn't just with the main couple, Lindsey and Scott, but with her mother as well. Iris Quinn plays Lindsey's mom, Donna, and grandmother to Hannah. Lindsey lost her husband two years earlier in a car accident. The circumstances of that tragedy play in this story as well as she begins to recover with the prodding and plotting help of Donna.

Bridget Regan is very good as Lindsey and Victor Webster is okay as Scott. Imogen Tear plays Hannah, who has recovered much more than her mom from the loss of her dad. One other major character in this sometimes tearful, but mostly joyful, funny and/or cute film is Mayor Fred. Fred Henderson plays the role of the advanced middle-aged widower who openly and persistently pursues Donna. This is a film when even the older women learns something about getting on with life.

Fantasy enters the lives of all of these people when Imogen is given an antique stocking from a kind old lady who sells her a bag of Christmas decorations at the Christmas rummage sell at St. George's Church. The stocking will fall from its nail once for each member of the family to find something inside that will be a key for their future, and delightful event in the movie.

This is very good holiday season movie that's sure to entertain most people.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

Could have done with more magic

As has been said quite a few times, Hallmark's Christmas output is very hit and miss. Some though are above average level, and there are some surprisingly enjoyable ones amongst the average and less films that there is in a good deal of in their output. Have been on a roll for the past couple of years watching and reviewing as many Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas films every now and again and it has been interesting despite the quality being uneven.

'Magic Stocking' for me is in the middle/in between category when it comes to Hallmark's Christmas films overall and one of the middle/in between Christmas efforts of theirs from 2015. Really appreciated that it tried to do something different with the female lead and its more serious subject matter, but other Hallmark Christmas films with serious and deep subjects have done this a lot better where characters and situations were easier to root for.

There is a lot that is done really well in 'Magic Stocking'. It is very professionally filmed and the locations are simply beautiful. While a bit mixed on the music (a common flaw for Hallmark),it didn't feel as overused or over-scored as other Hallmark films. The acting is well done on the whole, with a brave and poignant performance from Bridget Regan and Imogen Tear is very charming and likeable (one of the better younger performers of all the recently seen Hallmark films, this is an aspect they have always varied in).

Iris Quinn steals every scene she's in and gives the film a lot of energy, liked her chemistry with Fred Henderson. The script is well intentioned and honest, not sounding awkward or corny at all. The story is not perfect (neither is the script) but the conflict does have tension, it was touching and it did warm the heart when it let itself go. Regan and Victor Webster do have an appealing chemistry when the relationship starts to develop which it does at a realistic rate. Did like that everything with the magic was not over-emphasised or take over too much of the story, while not being neglected.

However, can see where people are coming from regarding Regan's character and the story's tone. Despite it being a very serious and relatable situation, 'Magic Stocking' did in my view go overboard with the grief suffering. It actually is realistic for people to get worked up when grieving over small things or struggling to come to terms with a trauma, especially if one has mental health problems or is autistic. It does though here get a little too disproportionate and made the film get too morose and over-serious at times, and with her being like that for a lot of the film's length it was not hard to feel depressed. A far cry from the light-hearted fare typically associated tonally with Hallmark.

While not intrusive, there are times where the music did spell out the emotions a little too much. The script could have benefitted from a lighter touch and the story is at times on the slow and sentimental side. Webster has sympathetic moments, especially later on, and his chemistry with Regan later is lovely, but his character doesn't have the biggest of personalities to begin with which made him come over as bland.

All in all, not great but above average. 6/10.

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