Third Man on the Mountain

1959 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Family

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Michael Rennie Photo
Michael Rennie as Captain John Winter
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Herbert Lom as Emil Saxo
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Janet Munro as Lizbeth Hempel
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Joyce Bulifant as Young Woman Tourist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer6 / 10

Surely there are OTHER jobs in this town other than being a guide or working as a dish washer!

"Third Man on the Mountain" is a Disney live-action film which stars James MacArthur ('Danno' from "Hawaii Five-O"). It seems he was a very popular actor with Disney and made several other films, such as "Swiss Family Robinson". And, if you pay attention, you'll see MacArthur's mother (Helen Hayes) and his then wife, Joyce Bulifant.

Rudi (MacArthur) is a young Swiss man whose father was a famous mountain guide...a deceased guide. Because the man was killed while doing his job, Rudi's mother and uncle insist that he work as a dish washer at the local hotel....though he wants to be a guide just like his old man. However, when a world famous climber comes to town and Rudi saves his life, this man (Michael Rennie) wants him to accompany him on his climbs.

I must admit that this movie sports some incredible cinematography and the staged climbing scenes looked very realistic. On the other hand, I doubt if anyone will love this film unless they love mountain climbing. As for me, I found my attention drifting after a while. So, very well made and acted but also a film that might drag a bit for most viewers.

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid8 / 10

Breathtaking suspense!

A Walt Disney Production, released by Buena Vista in the USA: November 1959. New York opening at the Normandie: 11 November 1959. U.K. release through Walt Disney: November 1959. Australian release through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: 17 March 1960. 105 minutes. U.S. TV title: Banner in the Sky.

SYNOPSIS: A juvenile re-make of "The White Tower" which was based on a 1945 novel of the same name by — guess who? — James Ramsey Ullman. The bitterness and astringency of the 1945 novel has been considerably toned down here. The engagingly hard, lead characters, played in the 1950 film by Glenn Ford and Alida Valli, have been translated into porous teenagers, whilst the embittered philosopher (originally enacted by Claude Rains) has been transformed into a slightly physically handicapped but overall unconvincingly comic figure (Laurence Naismith). The less said about the rest of Ullman's self-bowdlerizations, the more you will enjoy "Third Man on the Mountain".

NOTES: Location scenes filmed in Zermatt, Switzerland. Although the story is fictitious, the events closely parallel the first ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper, an Englishman, in 1865. Four members of the expedition were killed after reaching the summit. But the remaining three — including Whymper and a Swiss youth — returned safely. (Available on an excellent Walt Disney DVD).

COMMENT: Despite all the compliments handed out to "Third Man on the Mountain" by contemporary critics, it is possible to justify a few negative comments: Though set in 1865, disappointingly little use is made of the period background; James Macarthur and Janet Munro are hardly convincing as Swiss peasants; but then neither are James Donald or Laurence Naismith; and my final gripe is that the story is both derivative and ridiculously clichéd, whilst the dialogue is often embarrassingly, amateurishly theatrical.

Fortunately, none of these quibbles really matter. All told, they do little to undermine the breathtaking suspense of the mountaineering sequences and the stark beauty of the alpine scenery.

OTHER VIEWS: Comes near being a primer for incipient climbers, and it stays exciting to the end...Like so many Walt Disney productions in this genre, it maintains a 'boy's book' tone... The suspense, which is high, springs from the very authoritativeness of setting and incident. — Paul V. Beckley in The N.Y. Herald Tribune.

Reviewed by bkoganbing6 / 10

Growing up on the Swiss Alps

Third Man On The Mountain has young James MacArthur working as a dishwasher in his uncle James Donald's hotel for tourists in Switzerland. But MacArthur longs to be a mountain climber guide as his father who was a legend in the field. The father was killed attempting a climb up a forbidding mountain outside their village some 16 years earlier.

Both Donald and MacArthur's mother Nora Swinburne keep him away from mountaineering, but he does it on his own. When he saves visiting British mountain climber Michael Rennie, Rennie becomes his champion.

Third Man On The Mountain is a fine coming of age film and it's perfectly cast. Both James MacArthur and Janet Munro were being cast in a lot of Disney films at that time and they made perfect young leads. I should also note the presence of Herbert Lom in the cast as a bragging mountaineer from another village who shames the men of MacArthur's village by accompanying Rennie on an attempt up the local Everest. He steals the film when he's on screen.

After 60 years Third Man On The Mountain holds up well and it's fine family viewing.

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