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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrjlkelly5 / 10

Important story ruined by a terrible soundtrack mix.

This is truly an amazing and important story that needs to be told. Unfortunately the message of this movie is totally overpowered by a soundtrack that is way too loud.

Siki has this beautiful soulful voice but you could barely hear a word he said due to this overwhelming background music. It's not that the music is terrible, it has just been mixed so much louder than than any of the people being interviewed that the movie becomes a frustrating waste of time. If you're interested in the story you'll be constantly rewinding to try and work out what people are saying.

It doesn't matter how good this movie might be, it has been totally ruined by the fact that the background music is well in the foreground and the subject matter has been completely buried.

Whoever was responsible for the finished product should hang their head in shame.

I truly hope that the producers of this film have apologised to Sweet Daddy Siki for ruining the story of his life.

Reviewed by zazidada6 / 10

Nice doc, shame about the soundtrack.

This is probably the only doc that will get made about this renaissance man so you have no choice but to suffer through the non-stop Khruangbin wannabe soundtrack that permeates the entire film, challenging ones' ability to hear the dialogue, what an absolute shame, don't know what they were thinking but it really kills the vibe and focus of the film. That said, SDS is a gentle soft-spoken giant of a man who blazed new trails in the wrestling world and this doc is filled with interviews and wonderful testimonials by both his peers and wrestling fans alike. This also touches briefly on his recording career. He put out a couple of LPs along with several singles. Check it out!

Reviewed by richardaross-6697710 / 10

Slice of History

Really cool slice of wrestling history. A lot of interviews that I'm not sure this would have come out as well as it did if they tried to make this later. A true trendsetter. Give it a shot

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