Perfect High


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Ryan Grantham as Robbie
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Bella Thorne as Amanda
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Ross Butler as Nate
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Israel Broussard as Carson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

nothing new

At Lakewood High, lead dance troupe member Amanda (Bella Thorne) is part of the selfie obsessed generation. She dislocates her knee and is prescribed hydrocodone. Riley wants a friendly handout. She starts going out with Riley's brother Carson and soon she's pulled into Riley's drug world. She spirals out of control.

Bella Thorne works better as the mean girl. This is a scared-straight afterschool special movie of the week. It hits most of the standard drug tropes. Some are cheesier than others. It's not particularly good nor bad. I do appreciate the misdiagnosis by her mother as an eating disorder but by the end, she's a little slow. This is not breaking any new grounds. It travels very familiar roads.

Reviewed by edwagreen6 / 10


Run of the mill yarn with the typical theme of a girl getting injured and her use of pain killers leading to addiction from much more dangerous narcotics. Of course, the familiar theme of getting in with a bad crowd is also discussed.

The movie starts off as if it is going to be about the rebelliousness of her younger brother, with his outbursts and defiance to his parents.

Hard to fathom the naivete of the parents who never realize what their daughter has gotten herself into. No, they're not in denial either as they actually at one point think that she is starving herself when she showed a lack of appetite.

Reviewed by Nightmarelogic9 / 10

I like drug movies

First off let me get this out of the way. Drug movies are one of my favorite genres. Lifetime movies aren't always the best but when they have good story lines, good actors, and good writing they can be a good time. This is the story a teenage girl who after getting injured spirals out of control first on Rx drugs and then heroin. I am not exactly in the age range so I don't recognize any of the main actors but they all played their parts well especially Bella Thorne who played the main character. This of course is a Lifetime drug movie so don't expect any award winning material but it is on the high (no pun) end of what the network puts out and it tells a good story of a group of friends spinning out of control. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good Lifetime movie or anyone who likes a good drug movie. This is both.

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