Before I Fall


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery

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Elena Kampouris Photo
Elena Kampouris as Juliet Sykes
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Zoey Deutch as Samantha Kingston
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Halston Sage as Lindsay Edgecomb
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Jennifer Beals as Mrs. Kingston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Mean Girls + Groundhog Day

Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) and her friends led by Lindsay Edgecomb (Halston Sage) are the mean girls of the school. It's Cupid Day and the girls get roses from their admirers. Everybody assumes that Sam is losing her virginity to her boyfriend Rob that night at the party. The girls pick on the outsiders especially loner Juliet Sykes. At the party, Juliet crashes the party to confront Lindsay. The girls leave and Lindsay crashes the car. Sam wakes up and relives the day all over again.

The concept is perfectly fine. The saturation of blue subdues the intensity. Zoey and Halston are fine for their roles. After an early reveal, it is obvious that Sam needs to talk to Juliet. The movie flattens as that moment takes a long time to arrive. The pace grinds down. An obvious way to add filler to the middle is for Sam to take a road trip. Juliet is the obvious ending although the ending is too precious. It screams trying too hard. Overall, there are worst YA fictions. This is not bad for the genre.

Reviewed by mrocco-110 / 10


This is one of those 'God I miss the forums' moments. I wish I had someone to talk to about this movie, even while putting up with the trolls lol.


This is a variation of the Groundhog Day/Butterfly effect that has been done Ad nauseum in books and movies where our main character relives the same day. As expected, the point of the story is that their actions in that day evolve to the point where the lessons are learned and the day finally ends. This movie is no different. I'm haunted by this movie because of a particular lesson learned, and it's not the main one that finally ends her loop.

Sam is our main character caught in the time loop. She is part of a foursome of girls that are the popular girls and sometimes the mean girls. Their leader is Lindsay (Linds) who is the meanest of all with some deep rooted insecurities. As Sam relives her day she discovers more insight into her own life and the flaws of her and her friends. The two girls that receive the bulk of the mean girl routine become known to her and she realizes she is just following Lindsay like a puppet, not even knowing why they are mean to these girls. On one of her days journey, she lashes out at her friends in anger and disgust, particularly her bestie Lindsay. She sees Lindsay for who she is and she doesn't like it. For most people that would be the end of that. We all have those friends that we turn on when we realize their flaws and decide to remove them from our lives. Let's face it, love is usually conditional. The part of the movie that REALLY got me and I can't stop thinking about is the full circle point where she recognizes the motivation behind Lindsay's 'meanness' and shows her total compassion and love. She embraces this meanest girl of all and instead of rejection and hate she provides her with complete recognition and acceptance. This may seem like no big deal to most, but to me it stuck out like a sore thumb. Usually in movies and books the character like Lindsay end with that character getting his or her comeuppance. Instead this movie preaches love and understanding of all people.This is the part I can't stop thinking about. This is the kind of love and compassion that I would venture to say most of us want to think we posses, but really don't when it's too close to home. I found that very inspiring and it has me thinking of various people I've rejected in my life based on my judgment of them without any compassion.

Any movie that makes me think as much as this one has deserves a 10.

Reviewed by cristina-trsl8 / 10

More to this than you'd think

Looking through other reviews, I see a lot of people unhappy with the ending, but I think they fail to see the whole point of Sam's repeated day. It's not about her having to solve something that would lead to a different outcome, because she was supposed to die anyway. It's really about her getting a chance to leave the people she loves with good memories and tie up some loose ends before she dies. If you think of it, it's really a gift, not a punishment. She gets to tell her family and friends she loves them, implant beautiful last memories, save a girl's life (not by offering her own instead, because she was supposed to die either way) and leave the boy who always loved her with the knowledge that she loved him back. How many people get that chance? If she hadn't gotten her repeat day, she would have left lousy or meaningless memories of herself to everyone. In the end, she understands this and no longer tries to find a way to get out of the loop. So I get that a movie like this can leave you angry about the ending, but actually it couldn't have ended better. Oh, and I don't think it's a movie only meant for teenagers (except for the soundtrack, of course).

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