The Perfect Man


Action / Comedy / Family / Romance

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Hilary Duff Photo
Hilary Duff as Holly Hamilton
Ben Feldman Photo
Ben Feldman as Adam Forrest
Heather Locklear Photo
Heather Locklear as Jean Hamilton
Chris Noth Photo
Chris Noth as Ben Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix1004 / 10


For lack of better movies to watch, "The Perfect Man", shown recently on cable, seemed harmless enough when there was nothing better at the same time slot. This film, directed by Marc Rosman, and written for the screen by Gina Wendkos, is a rehash of other, better made movies.

The premise that this single mother can pick up and leave her last home and move to Brooklyn with her two young daughters and finds a great apartment, a nice job, and romance, is for people that live on a cloud, but not in this world. Ms. Wendkos and the others that contribute to this romantic comedy don't have a clue about reality. Probably the rent for this apartment goes for over $1,500.00 a month and she is probably making minimum wage at the bakery. Hello!!! Unless she's receiving child support payments, she could not afford to live there. Only in movies such as this would a Jean Hamilton find everything and end up with a hunk of a man in the process.

The older daughter, Holly, is a girl that needs some help because in her quest for getting her mother interested in a man, she decides to create him and introduce this Ben to her mother when she chats on line. Holly plays one of the cruelest tricks to a human being, let alone to her own mother. When she realizes she has made a terrible blunder and her mom is going to be at the restaurant her chat friend Ben owns, she panics and ruins the place and who knows how much damage she causes by activating the sprinkler system. Holly is a girl that is also out of touch with life.

"The Perfect Man" is recommended for people that think everything is possible in the movies, even if they present a distorted view of reality.

Reviewed by bkoganbing6 / 10

Happiness in Brooklyn

The Perfect Man is what Hilary Duff seeks for her mother Heather Locklear. Locklear, Duff and younger sister Aria Wallace keep moving from place to place every time Locklear has a relationship that doesn't work out. The latest move has landed them in the borough of homes and churches and formerly a city of its own, Brooklyn.

With a couple of million people as a population surely there has to be one for her mother and maybe one for herself. Duff finds one in Ben Feldman who is an old fashioned romantic soul for a 2005 high school kid from Brooklyn. As for mother, Duff also thinks she's found the perfect match in restaurant owner Chris Noth.

So she starts conniving on how to make them meet and fall in love. But some misdirected e-mail has Locklear paired off with co-worker at the confectionery shop Mike O'Malley.

Of course it all works out in the end as these movies always do, not without a few laughs and tears in those romantic film for both teens and adults.

If you like romance, don't settle for anything less than A Perfect Man.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle3 / 10

Catfish Hilary not the least bit romantic

Holly Hamilton (Hilary Duff) keeps having to move every time her mother (Heather Locklear) breaks up with her jerk boyfriends. Now they're in Brooklyn. Holly decides to give her mother a secret admirer to cheer her up and maybe keep her in town. When buffoon Lenny (Mike O'Malley) starts dating her mother, she catfish her mother to break them up. Only it gets more and more complicated with her new friend's uncle Ben (Chris Noth).

This is meant to be cute, but Holly is just too annoyingly selfish. This scheme is not the least bit adorable. It doesn't justify anything she does. She literally is about to break up a wedding for no good reason. It is possibly the least romantic movie around. Hilary Duff is so cutesy bratty. Even if the movie could play this seriously, it had no shot of being good.

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