Erasing His Past


Action / Thriller

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Mary Badham as Barbara Waldron
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Laurie Fortier as Karen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deedrala2 / 10

Good grief what a MESS

Most LMN movies are halfway watchable, but this.....I mean, where do I even start? So this young guy is such a criminal mastermind, he can cause a plane to go down that everyone thinks he was on, because something about "they didn't have time to change the passenger manifesto"....?? And this Karen moron is his fourth wife that was just as dumb and blindly trusting as the first three because "David handled all the financial matters and he just had me sign off on them", and then THIS statement of hers to Banker Barbara: "Don't you think I'd remember taking out a six-figure loan/second mortgage??" Uhm, no, since you JUST SAID you signed off on all the papers he handed you without even so much as glancing at them. That's just one of the many ways this mess of a movie insults viewers' intelligence. And she's incredibly stupid enough to fold in pieces of paper cut the same size as the hundred dollar bills and held together with one little rubber band, thinking it will fool him into believing they're all bundles of real bills?? So of course it didn't take him even one whole minute to figure it out, and it made him angrier and more impatient and potentially endangered her daughter's life that much more. I can't waste any more time on this - suffice to say this is one of Lifetime's very worst movies and is best avoided by all. The actors and director et al, should be ashamed to cash their paychecks for this shameful convoluted mess.

Reviewed by lavatch6 / 10

A Sly Dog Named David Miller

At the start of the film, it appears as if Karen and David Miller have an idyllic relationship. After her first husband Jeff died in an auto wreck when she was at the wheel, Karen has found marital bliss in David, who is a doting father to Karen's young daughter Annie. But there is trouble in paradise after David apparently dies in a plane crash and all of Karen's bank accounts are emptied.

Karen is very slow in accepting the reality that she has been played for a sucker by David. Before Karen, there was Amy, Danica, and Jessica--all women whom David married, then disappeared after robbing them blind.

When David returns from the dead and kidnaps Annie, he demands that Karen bring him a significant amount of cash. Karen panics and commits bank fraud. My favorite character is the banker, Barbara Waldron, who is constantly delivering bad news to Karen about her dwindling assets and staggering debts. Then, Barbara is forced to call the police after Karen tries to move assets into her account using Barbara's computer.

"Erasing the Past" was a by-the-numbers thriller without much suspense once David returns. While he has some of the best lines in the film, the overall effect is lackluster. As a villain, David was not very astute in "losing" the account numbers that he needed to collect his loot. At the start of the film, it appeared as though he had everything imaginable in a such beautiful, loving family. Why would anyone want to give that up?

Reviewed by carolynocean1 / 10

I Should Have Listened To The Other Reviewers !

Don't ignore good advice.... Do Not Watch This !!

This movie is so rubbish, stupid storyline and bad script , delivered by bad actors.

The husband Dave , did he take classes in HOW to SHOUT! ? I wanted to turn it off but, thought that I should really see it through, and suffer like everyone else here.

At least I can write this stinker of a review , and feel justified !

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