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Reviewed by Jackbv1235 / 10

Sub standard

For starters, the acting early on is terrible. A large part of that, but not all, is Nadia Hatta trying to be a stuck up celebrity soccer star. Part of me wondered if the actor just didn't want to play that ugly side of Emily. The soccer scenes in the beginning, which are supposed to be professional soccer, are amateur. The scene with just Emily and the coach is bad too.

As in so many movies of this genre, Emily eventually does a 180 in personality and becomes likeable, although in this movie it took a while. I don't know what the deal was with Kristoffer Polaha, but his hair was worse than any of the acting, especially in his first scene. I try not to complain about personal appearance, but when it looks like it is the makeup crew, I do call it out. In this case it was distracting. I consider him to be one of the more reliable Hallmark actors, but throughout this movie I wasn't really impressed.

Later scenes of high school soccer games are also terrible. Dribble the ball up slowly toward the goalie with no opposition and kick the ball slowly across the line. I guess they didn't have the budget, or probably the set, to do some live action full speed.

The conflict through ending is mostly a predictable copy of so many other of these movies where one of the leads had been taking a break from her regular life through most of the movie.

Reviewed by Racingphan25 / 10

What is with that haircut?

Kristoffer Polaha stars here in his 678th Hallmark movie in the last year. And he's sporting a Beetles Mop Top haircut straight from the 60s.

Seriously, I've liked him since Life Unexpected, but these days he's non-chalanting it through tepid movies like this one.

His costar, Nadia Hatta is super adorable, but never seems to connect.

And it's painful to watch these young girls play soccer in weather that is obviously dead of winter.

And now I have to find some way to meet the minimum character count of 600 that IMDB imposes now.

To fill time , let's discuss the best albums that Styx recorded....oops, time up.

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