Men with Brooms


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright67%
IMDb Rating5.9104528


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Leslie Nielsen as Gordon Cutter
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Molly Parker as Amy Foley
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Hannah Gross as Girl at Game
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Kari Matchett as Linda Bucyk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cherold5 / 10

Slight comedy

Genial, intermittently amusing comedy about curling. I never knew what curling was, and it's sort of an interesting shuffleboard/billiards kind of game and I'm glad to have learned something about it, but outside of that this movie is so slight that in spite of it's easygoing charm I never felt more than a passing interest in the character's lives. Watchable but forgettable.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

not funny

It's the town of Long Bay in Canada. Amy Foley (Molly Parker) is fishing out a curling stone with her father Donald and he dies of a heart attack. In his will, he command his team to place his ashes in the handle of his stone and win the Golden Broom by placing it on the button. The team's skipper Chris Cutter (Paul Gross) is haunted by an incident of cheating and leaving Julie Foley at the alter. Neil Bucyk, James Lennox, and Eddie Strombeck are the rest of the team each with their own problems. James is a drug dealer going out with clueless Joanne but can't remember her name. Neil is being pushed around by his dominating wife Linda. Eddie is having trouble conceiving with his wife. Chris needs to reconcile with his coach and father Gordon Cutter (Leslie Nielsen).

This is a quirky sports movie. It's useful for the audience to know curling. There is an explanation in the movie but I don't think it's that clear for people new to the game. The movie careens from quaint Canadian small town story to broad gross-out humor. None of it is particularly funny. I wonder if the movie would be better if it picked one side or another. The jokes are not landing.

Reviewed by anaconda-406583 / 10

More Brooms Than Brains.

Men With Brooms (2002): Dir: Paul Gross / Cast: Paul Gross, Leslie Nielsen, Molly Parker, James B. Douglas, Polly Shannon: A film about boldness and guts as an elderly man has a heart attack in a boat while his daughter assists him in landing a curling ball that was in the water for unforeseen time. Ashes are put inside a curling ball with the request that a team get back together. Paul Gross is involved with sisters, one of which is in the American Space Agency. Why Gross (who also directs) felt that this footage was necessary is a mystery but he fails to match his shots. Going from one scene to another totally lacking rhythm with pointless subplots including a man out to collect a debt. Aside from directing, Gross poises as a very unsympathetic hero who brings no emotion or personality to the role. Molly Parker is the love interest struggling with alcohol but Gross handles this loosely. Leslie Nielsen provides a few chuckles as Gross's father but the role is merely an opportunity to bring a name performer into this independent comedy and nothing more. Also featured are a rival team that overact to the max and greatly reduce the sport of curling to a side show. Curling provides an interesting sport since few films are about curling, however the delivery is much like most sports films thus having little surprise and a story that won't likely sweep anyone off their feet. Score: 3 / 10

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