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Kaitlin Olson Photo
Kaitlin Olson as Alex
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Woody Harrelson as Marcus
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Stephanie Sy as Reporter
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Ernie Hudson as Coach Phil Perretti
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Reviewed by Padreviews7 / 10

A sweet film

Got to see this on an early limited screening

Had no idea what to expect

Liked it - it's a sweet film with a unique ending - no spoilers here as always but it left you with a really warm feeling and faith in human kind

If I was to compare it to another film it's a bit like Eddie the Eagle or Cool Runnings - with a touch of Dodge Ball - it's a story of the underdog.

It's a human story of triumph over adversity but also a story of people realising what's in their soul and what really is success - success comes in many forms

Acting was top notch , Woody Harrelson on form as always and backed up by Kaitlin Olson playing a strong female role who's real life husband is a kind of Ted Lasso character by co owning with Ryan Reynolds a minor league UK football ( soccer ) team so there's a bit of art imitating life here !

Seeing the team who are ... I never know the correct pc term this week ... a team of 'special needs' really warms your heart and it's their individual characters and styles that really draw you in - it's a truly lovely story - it's directed by 1/2 of the Farrelly brother so the humour is there too , I haven't seen the original Spanish / Saudi film but I'd love to see it now .

It's not perfect but it's really good and it's a feel good film that leaves you with a warm feeling .

The fact that the coach wasn't there voluntarily but you can see that the experience changed him makes you feel good and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

A sweet film

Pad. A 7/10.

Reviewed by milts-221338 / 10

Feel Good at its best

Comedy, Drama, Heart Warming. This film ticks all the boxes. Has you laughing, has you cheering, has you annoyed and gets you gripped.

Managed to get to an advance screening of this with my 11 year old boy and we were both unsure of what we was about to watch, was it a comedy, was it an underdog story, was it a drama, was it a sports film and we were both amazed at what was a well spent hour and half. It was all of the above. We laughed, we teared up, we were engrossed in it all. The acting is superb the jokes are both laugh out loud and chuckle to yourself. You love the characters at times you hate them at times and you enjoy the ride.

It's not going to win any Oscars and it's not going to get rave reviews but if you want to escape from the troubles of life and have a damn good time you can't go wrong with seeing this.

Oh, and Woody plays the role perfectly.

Reviewed by ykjdh10 / 10

Feel good movie of the season

As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, I've heard the hurtful words watching my son grow up. Still, he never asked for special treatment and only wanted to be liked and accepted just as everyone else. When I saw the trailer for this I wasn't sure about it because of last movies by the Farrelly brothers who are known for pushing the buttons on slapstick. I'm not saying I've never enjoyed their movies or thought they were funny, but this one deals with a group of actors with special needs.

After walking out of this one, I found it charming and surprisingly heartwarming. None of the the characters in the movie make any apologies or ask you to either. They're simply telling a story, they're story and it's fun, funny, and even moving at times. Still, I found myself rooting for the characters and had a great time.

Woody plays a coach trying to get to the big leagues of NBA basketball but after a DUI is sentenced to community service. This is a movie not only about the relationships he's about to make with a special group of people but also coming to terms with who he is as a person and who he wants to become. The character is actually unlikable when we meet him. So the story here is also about redemption and inspiration where you'll least likely find it.

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