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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SandmanOz1 / 10

One of the worst movies EVER

Seriously, this movie has nothing going for it. Poor acting, no budget, very little plot, NO HORROR at all. Go watch re-runs of the Brady bunch instead. It is scarier. STAY away from this garbage. Even if you have very low standards for your movies this wont cut it. I think they have attempted to rip off Blair witch, but forget to put in any acting, editing or directing skill.

Trying to think of a worse movie...

Nope, not off the top of my head.

I feel sick now need to go have a lie down. Very Very Very bad.

What a waste of time.

Reviewed by rainerberger1 / 10

Incredibly bad low budget movie

I don't mind low budget movies, but this was pathetic. Nothing much happens except a lot of insipid dialogue. The people are supposed to be stranded on an island and are supposed to be an experienced documentary team, but they sure don't act like it. The radio on their plane works but they only use it once. They never bother to check if there is a source of drinking water on the island. They never make any plans at all - e.g., what they should do if a plane flies overhead, and so on. They just aimlessly parade around the island singly or in pairs so that they can be attacked by monsters. The lead actress looks like she might have potential, but is hampered by a horribly bad script. Avoid this movie.

Reviewed by Ferretti20081 / 10

Horrible Blair Witch wannabe...

Let me just say, I love horror movies (even some of the B-Horror or even D-Horror, if they are done well) but this movie is atrocious! I saw the high rating and the story even sounded somewhat interesting...People deserted on an island trying to capture footage of some legendary jaguar living on the island. But the story is poorly written and even poorly paced, I dozed off in the middle for a minute or two, and it tries so hard to be like the Blair Witch it's just sad. I think the summary of the movie is more entertaining than the actual film! Thank God it only runs 78 minutes (but that's 78 minutes too long)! Obviously people involved in the film gave this the 7/10 stars (again, sad). If you somehow see this somewhere to rent or buy, save your money/time and avoid this at all costs,I wish I had...

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