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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Indonesian cra-cra

An immoral private dick and his female assistant break into a house, and find a stash of videotapes. The tapes are filled with crazy footage. A man has an experimental fake eye with video recording but he finds strange visions come along with it. The second footage involves zombies in the park. The third is an Indonesian cult. The fourth one is a family at their lakeside cottage being invaded by aliens.

This is the sequel to a found footage horror franchise. There really isn't any bad story or weak spot in this one. Most of the time, an anthology movie has a few flat spots. The second one is a bit flat. It's simplistic and not that interesting. Otherwise, every one of these are interesting in their own way. First, I like the private dick who earns his job title. The blackmail is great. The most interesting story has to be the Indonesian one. I do have to wonder if there is some miscommunication with the Indonesian filmmaker. They are doing more than found footage. They are doing POV filming. It's probably a mistake but it makes it more fascinating. This is one blood-splattering crazy action horror. As for alien story, I liked them more when they are seen in fleeting glimpses in the first half. The second half is a little campy with the alien costumes. It's a hard visual move without using CGI. All in all, this movie is fun horror.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Grisly as hell

V/H/S/ 2 is a modern-day horror anthology featuring eclectic talent from the directors of THE RAID and YOU'RE NEXT amongst others. As with many modern horror anthologies, the emphasis is on outright blood and gore over scares, although there are attempts here to frighten as well as repulse the viewer. There are four tales in all, as well as a mildly diverting wraparound story involving a creepy old house and a VHS collection. Most of the material is shot POV style, which I enjoyed as a fan of the 'found footage' genre.

The first tale is a simple riff on THE EYE, as a guy gets a new-fangled optic implant that restores his sight but has the unwanted side effect of allowing him to see spirits at the same time. I love the introduction of the deaf girl with her own twist and this is by far the scariest of the film, with some really jumpy moments. It's all predictable, but that's okay.

The second tale is about a cyclist with a Go Pro camera mounted on his helmet. His trip through the woods is interrupted by a zombie attack, and what we get here is unending gore and bloodshed, some of the most gruesome you'll see. It's all pretty distasteful actually, and more than a little pointless.

The third story is the Indonesian one, contributed by THE RAID director Gareth Evans; as a huge fan of his films, it was the one I was most looking forward to. Evans doesn't disappoint; this is as intense as his action films, and the madcap plot line involves a doomsday cult and the birth of the Antichrist. It's exceptionally gory, delightfully obscure, and without a doubt the highlight of the whole thing.

The fourth and final story is weak by comparison. It tells of an attack by extraterrestrials on a group of redneck characters, who are all really dumb, but there's way too much of the shaky cam here and little real meat to the storyline. The dog is the most interesting character and you can guess what happens to that. V/H/S/ 2 isn't bad at all for fans of gory horror, but aside from the Indonesian segment it's all rather familiar.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10


The movie consists of four "found footage" stories that are shown in a "Creep Show" fashion. The stories are not connected, other than the fact they are being watched by the same people, a pair of private investigators. The films include ghosts, aliens, cultist, and my favorite a "zombie cam." This is the first time I can think of where we get a zombie eye view of attacking humans.

The stories were fair and sometimes crude. There were also times when the footage deviated from the true found footage CAM as we witness the person with the camera. The DVD has two versions which I found confusing. One is the "rated version" and the other was the "unrated theatrical version." For some reason I believe versions released to the theater are rated...by law while those not released do nor require a rating.

The production is fun low brow horror entertainment. I did find the "eye cam" to reach a new low in irritating jerky motion. If you saw the first film, expect much of the same and a "VHS 3".

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, male nudity, nudity (Mindy Robinson, Hannah Hughes)

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