As Above, So Below


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Ben Feldman as George
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Perdita Weeks as Scarlett
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Edwin Hodge as Benji
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon7 / 10

Unique, enjoyable, somehow

I wasn't expecting much to be honest, as the whole found footage genre seems to have died a death, but this is surprisingly good. It begins in dramatic fashion, and for the most part doesn't let up, anyone that suffers with claustrophobia or a feeling of being trapped will appreciate the efforts of the film, or not. Some creepy scenes, I liked the part where the phone was ringing, that was atmospheric, as well as the push deeper into the cave. Perdita Weeks was excellent in the role.

This was rather good. 7/10

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

another 'found footage' movie

University professor Scarlett Marlowe (Perdita Weeks) is following her father's obsession to find Flamel's philosopher's stone. She barely escapes the Iranian authorities blowing up their underground caves. In Paris, she leads documentary filmmaker Benji (Edwin Hodge) and Aramaic translator George (Ben Feldman). They find Papillon (François Civil) and his group to guide them into exploring hidden catacomb tunnels under the city looking for Flamel's grave.

It's another 'found footage' movie. I'm a little tired of them especially when they're not imaginative. This is definitely nothing new. It's a lot of shaky-cam moves in the dark and underground. I wonder if it would be better to shot this straight. I can imagine that it has an immersive quality if seen in a theater. That's my only positive comment because this is an unappealing unscary horror.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho3 / 10

Awful Camera, Silly Story

The archaeologist Scarlett Marlowe (Perdita Weeks) searches the Nicholas Flame's alchemical philosopher's stone and finds a rose key in Iran in Aramaic that would help her to find the stone. She meets her former boyfriend George (Ben Feldman) in Paris with her cameraman Benji (Edwin Hodge) and they conclude that the stone is below the Parisian Catacombs. They team up with the guide Papillon (François Civil); his girlfriend Souxie (Marion Lambert); and their friend Zed (Ali Marhyar) to find the spot. When they find the stone, Scarlett removes it and soon they discover that they are trapped in hell with visions of their sins and she concludes that she must return the stone to the place where it belongs.

"As Above, So Below" is another irritating low-budget found footage horror movie. The dreadful camera work is tiresome making the viewer dizzy and destroys any expectation that the viewer may have. It is hilarious to see the translation from Aramaic producing a rhyme in English. It is laughable to see the curriculum vitae of a twenty and something years old with so many specialization including in martial arts. Her stubbornness risking the lives of her team including hers is ridiculous. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Assim na Terra Como no Inferno" ("On Earth as It Is in Hell")

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