Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story


Biography / Drama

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Addison Holley as Alex Cooper
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Art Hindle as Church Leader
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Wilson Cruz as Paul Burke
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Kate Drummond as Mrs. Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LifetimeUncorkedPodcast8 / 10

Damning indictment of the "ex-gay" movement

The movie was well acted and serves its purpose for bringing to light an important topic of LGBTQ minors being held captive in conversion therapy. (Which is currently still legal in 33 state.)

Trigger warning for those sensitive to depictions of self harm and suicide.

I added an extra star for Wilson Cruz portraying Utah-based lawyer and champion for LGBTQ rights Paul C. Burke.

Pour It Up!

Reviewed by buckikris8 / 10

Love Is Love!

I thought this movie was really good, and hopefully it has awakened people about conversion therapy. I can't believe it is still legal in 33 states, it is cruel, inhumane, and ridiculous. Why can't people understand no one chooses their sex, and it being gay is not a choice. I don't understand why some parent are ashamed of their kid(s),because of their lifestyle. Alex's parent's were so distraught they traveled to Utah . They gave The Sim's custody of their daughter, to go through Conversion Therapy. They made her wear certain cloths, home school, stand in the wall with rocks in a book bag. She tried to kill herself do to this unlawful treatment;Luckily it was a failed attempt.

When I watched this movie it made me mad. To see what this couple did to this poor girl was a crime. Luckily Alex is a strong lady who fought back and was determined to seek help. After a failed suicide attempt, she thought it would be hopeless to find anyone in the state of Utah to help her. One day she was able to go back to school. She to a friend who was gay if someone could help her. Alex turned to the head of the gay and lesbian council of the school. She got Alex an attorney, and told those at the school if they were to contact the Sims they would go to jail. A great movie more people need to watch, Conversion Therapy should be BANNED. I can relate to Alex's story because I know what it's like to be different, and I'm glad she survived her horrific tale.

Reviewed by brentgray737 / 10

So hard to watch.

This movie was so hard to watch in places. What this young girl went through is just unimaginable ..these sort of religious but cases should be held accountable for what they have done and her parents too.

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