Time to Love

1966 [TURKISH]

Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by novaclark10 / 10

A Paradoxical Presentation of Realism and Mysticism!

Erksan's Sevmek Zamani expresses its story in a two-folded plane.First, a strict realism in the search for specific (but global at the same time) identity problem of Turkish people is investigated: Occident or Orient, the chaotic battle of these two different identity-construction choices. Second, through this separation, the movie shows us two perceptions of LOVE: An urbanized, modern female singer(Sema Ozcan) wanting to be with the guy (Musfik Kenter)who is in love with her poster on the one hand. On the other, the (Oriental) guy refusing this famous singer. The guy says:"I'm in love only and only with your poster". The fetish and the sublime! That Love turns to be some kind of Sufistic way of perceiving the world. The Magnificient scene of boat-tripping with the poster must be seen!

Reviewed by gulahgula10 / 10

Bergman meets Svankmajer in the wilderness of Turkey.

10/10. I admit I'm no Turkish cinema expert since they only cover 2,4% of all movies I've seen. I could easily say Nordic movies which covers more than 10% in my list, have better concerns for my cinema cause. Having these fun-facts, I'd never imagine a Turkish director would be the person who shot the closest thing as in Ingmar Bergman's style.

Another fact: Persona: 66', Sevmek Zamanı:65'

The difference between "cold/liberal Northern European culture" and "a culture which is heavily exposed agitated stories of arabesque style" referred to Turkish people might have seem major. But not in this surreal movie composed by the beautiful elements of experimental cinema and Rembet music. Great camera-work definitely helps Sevmek Zamanı to create a category in my taste as the most beautiful cult movie of my homelands

Reviewed by ekremtalha082210 / 10

critic of love in eastern and western cultures

This is the best Turkish film I have ever seen even though it was filmed in 1965. The film stories a man who fell in love with a picture of a woman. The man represents eastern understanding of love which desires not to be with his lover. Because he is afraid if the lover is different than his dreams and his love itself gives a great pleasure to him, not the lover, this pleasure makes him a lover. Our female character Meral is a typical western woman with her relationship with her friends musical preferences etc... Love of this two characters lets us to analyze both of the cultures. Beautiful view of 1960's Istanbul makes you feel the heavenly atmosphere.

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