How Funny Can Sex Be?

1973 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy

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Laura Antonelli Photo
Laura Antonelli as Madame Juliette
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Giancarlo Giannini as Domenico
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stefanozucchelli7 / 10

Sex and love can have many sides

Some short episodes unrelated to each other that tell relationships of love and sex with a thousand different facets, sometimes goliardic, sometimes sad.

Reviewed by Karl Self10 / 10

Sexy comedy and proud of it

Normally the epithet "sexy comedy" is a cinematic death knell, but the cooperation of the fantastic Laura Antonelli, Giancarlo Giannini and director Dino Risi turned this into a timeless classic. And yes, it's funny and sexy. In nine segments and probably inspired, in a good way, by Woody Allen's "What You Always Wanted To Know About Sex" which was released a year earlier.

Reviewed by Dello_1 / 10

"How funny can sex be?" A lot but not for right reasons

This movie is probably one of the worst I've ever seen. It is made up of short sketches that turns around sex and some perversion but they were badly executed. In the first place there were three main actors who are the leads of every sketch but I didn't buy their performance even a little bit. Then the audio and image quality was very low, even for a '70s movie. But the worst problem is that this film should be a comedy but I almost never laugh for a joke inside of it because the comedic writing and timing were really bad. Instead I laugh a lot for the ugliness of this film. Once you see this one, it will easily become a legend, something that you'll never forget, a new standard for horrible movies. At least I didn't find the willingness to make a film to take seriously but it isn't also something merely intended to be trash. In conclusion I suggest this movie to everyone who wants to laugh on how not to make movies.

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