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Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder6 / 10

A watchable if somewhat problematic genre effort

Arriving in a small Texas town, a woman and her sister traveling together to rekindle after being apart finds themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with no escape despite a series of attempts, and when the real inspiration of their trip is apparent try to get away alive.

This was a rather decent if unspectacular genre effort. One of the best elements of this one is the general atmosphere of the town which generates a highly unnerving setup throughout here. The first half, featuring the girls driving through the deserted backwoods community and encountering the locals with their cryptic behavior warning them away which leads to them being lost in the woods, the overall atmosphere of this section is quite fun with the slow build-up to the two getting lost and stranded in the wilderness. With the exploits here gradually becoming creepier the longer they're out in the woods due to the sheer panic of the situation and the bewilderment of their predicament, it sets this one up nicely to start. The other factor that works nicely here is the final half where everything comes together and the exploits of the situation can finally be unveiled. Following the solid series of chases and revelations made during their chases through the woods, the capture and placement through the rigors of the ceremony are quite fun overall. With the twist reveal of the leader and their plan which helps to explain some of the actions previously, this setup provides a grim and quite gruesome final half that goes through a rather enjoyable part which is a fine way to end this one playing into the setup from before quite nicely. These features are enough to make this one enjoyable enough to be watchable. There are some big problems here that hold this one down. The main issue with this one is the utterly moronic decision-making that goes on with the girls who are just about unbearable in their presence here. Spending the entire time engaging in one contrarian argument after another trying hopelessly to fuel the tension between them that exists due to a series of family traumas endured over time, this wouldn't be bad if any of the arguments had a sense of validity behind them. Instead, they're exactly contrarian for the sake of romantic tension rendering them irritating beyond belief and losing so much of our sympathy for them which gets worse the more they yell at each other. That becomes almost as damaging as the secondary drawback this causes in the sluggish and dragged-out pacing. It takes over an hour before anything really starts happening in earnest to them as the majority of the film is spent trying to get a handle on the two of them without much else going on leading to a somewhat dull experience here. Rather than get any kind of direct interaction with the cult or whoever is behind the incident, this one tends to have them run through the woods arguing with each other which causes a highly distracting experience. The other factor here is the film's low-budget limitations during the night sequences which are so dark that it's nearly impossible to tell what's going on which makes these a pain to get through and ends up holding this back overall.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence.

Reviewed by jake_jdub1 / 10


My wife and I gave this a try and actually had to pay for this monstrosity. I usually don't post reviews but had to just to save some other poor soul that may pay money or waste their time and life by even trying it.

This movie is a terrible low budget film. Turned it off within the first 30 min. Starts off strong with the intro but then you're following two arguing sisters driving to the middle of the woods like idiots where they run out of gas. I couldn't make it any longer. I'm fine watching low budget films if they at least keep me interested. I didn't expect much or good acting at all. I was still let down. Don't waste your time trust me.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies3 / 10

Those Who Call

Shot in Magnolia, TX and based on a Cuban folk tale, director and writer Anubys Lopez's first film finds sisters Ana (Angie Sandoval) and Sandra (Yetlanezi Rodriguez) taking a roadtrip to reconnect and going through Whispering Pines, the kind of town where even the gas station owners try to attack you when you want to fill up. Does this seem like the kind of place where you take a nap in your car? No, of course it isn't. But you know what I always say. We wouldn't have a movie if they didn't make these mistakes.

There's a bit too much arguing and way too much abject stupidity on the protagonists' part to get me to recommend this to you, but for those that like backwoods horror, dark rituals and - you guessed it - family secrets, well, then this is certainly for you.

The one part that did work for me, however, is when they went into an abandoned house and discovered a room filled with missing posters with their information and photos on them. That's a striking and something haunting thought, to discover your own fate in that way, and if Lopez follows that path, his next movie - Aged - will be much better.

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