Where the Lilies Bloom


Drama / Family / Romance

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Harry Dean Stanton Photo
Harry Dean Stanton as Kiser Pease
Jan Smithers Photo
Jan Smithers as Devola
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Rance Howard as Roy Luther
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by triple88 / 10

Also a book , this vivid magnificent story will appeal to fans of movies such as Steel Magnolias-it's a beautiful story.

I had read this book before I actually saw the movie, and this was quite a long time ago. I thought both the book and the movie were just great. The scenery is magnificent and the characters are vivid and fleshed out. This is a story about a family of young kids who live in the mountains and the adversities they face. It is a beautiful story and one that I'd tell anyone to see. There's a Steel Magnolias touch to it(meaning you'll cry a lot!) but you'll also fall in love with these kids and the loveliness of the scenery. I rarely see this movie playing on television anymore and do not even know if the book is still in print but it is a truly lovely movie that should be a lot more known then it is and is a great movie to view.

Reviewed by Jakeroo7 / 10

An excellent film for children

A well told tale that enthralled my daughter who recommended it to me. Interestingly, this is the only film ever made by 3 of the 4 children who try to survive after their father's death. Only Jan Smithers, who portrays Devola, did other film work.

Reviewed by Pookiebooz10 / 10

It's too bad this movie and the child actors aren't more well known...

This is a very excellent movie. The book is great, too. I first read the book when I was about 14, loved it, and tried to find the movie but couldn't. That disappointed me and I eventually forgot about it, until I was about 20 and saw it on television. I knew it would be good but it actually exceeded my expectations! Everyone was wonderful, especially the children. I was shocked to learn that Jan Smithers who played Devola was the only one out of the children in the family who made any other films. Helen Harmon was just too cute for words and portrays a perfect precocious little baby sister and really has some funny scenes. Matthew Burril is real good as the brother, perfectly portraying the poor only boy surrounded by sisters! And Julie Gholson was amazing!!! I love the story about the children doing anything possible to stay together and Julie as Mary Call taking charge was intriguing to watch. This is not a well known movie and I would like to get the word out and let people know this is a must-see!! (unless the only movies you like are non sentimental shoot-em-up movies)

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