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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by francoischristana10 / 10

Favorite Christmas movie

My family & I watch this movie every Christmas. I seen many complaints and low ratings in the comments about the movie being unimpressive because of the family problems I beg to differ I think it's realistic, their are families who haven't seen each other in years because of grudges being held but when they finally get together drama occurs, but at the end of the day you have to remember your family and each other is all you got and that's what's important. A bonus was seeing Chris Brown & Columbus Short.

Reviewed by dbborroughs8 / 10

Wonderful family story thats pretty free of clichés

Family drama of a(black) family coming together for the holidays. I mention the color aspect only because there is a moment where color plays a role, however color and race are really irrelevant since this is an excellent little family drama about the things that make us family-what ever our color. A strong cast that includes Delroy Lindo makes what is occasionally a clichéd story into something more universal. Frankly these are real people up on the screen and any cliché's reflect that life is something like that. Huge bonus points for the fact that there aren't really movie of the week problems or histrionics. Things happen, but the family takes it all in stride with out a great deal of gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes. I really like this movie a great deal and look forward to seeing the film again down the road. 8 out of 10 for making a truly universal family drama that is just good time with good people.(This is very much deserving of a longer better review but I haven't figured out how to explain the tapestry of the film with out making it sound petty or less than it is.)

Reviewed by MLDinTN3 / 10

an unfunny Christmas comedy/drama

This Christmas film wasn't very good. It's rather boring. I think it was supposed to be a comedy, but it wasn't funny. It's about a black family's Christmas. All the kids come home to their momma's house. One kid owes some bookies thousands. One has a husband cheating on her. One is very high toned and hooks up the first night there. One is awol from the military and has a secret wife. Plus the mother has a secret of her own: she's living with her boyfriend. All these different people coming together was supposed to be amusing and entertaining. I didn't think so.

FINAL VERDICT: Not enough Christmas music in this for a Christmas movie. Not enough amusing ideas.

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