Very Cool Christmas


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled46%
IMDb Rating3.610479


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Jodelle Ferland Photo
Jodelle Ferland as Alexa
Donna Mills Photo
Donna Mills as Mrs. Claus
Brooke Nevin Photo
Brooke Nevin as Lindsay Deerborne
Ryan McDonell Photo
Ryan McDonell as Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nikkebaby6 / 10


I was expecting it to be bad but its not great but I will watch around the season again.

Reviewed by lark407 / 10

a rejuvenating a new image for a 21st century Santa

every ones favorite holiday is getting a make over 21st century style 16yr old Lindsay played by Brooke Nevin who plays her character very well as a spoiled child she thinks she is too cool for her Xmas and Santa's a loser until she meets the real deal then the Santa at the mall makes a quiet shocking revelation he real and he has lost his mojo with his wife Mrs Claus and his marriage over the century is on the brink so he ask for a make over and finds the perfect girl so style conscious Lindsay is been whisked all over the place for night trip of a lifetime and teaching is the true meaning of cool and Xmas while her parents are dealing with a stuck up mall cop that banned her and Santa for life this Xmas film is a lovely family movie at 1hr 32mins IMDb rating is poor at 3.5 I gave it 7 as this film is too underrated

Reviewed by Dog-River7 / 10

I Liked It

They made two different versions of this movie. I don't know why, but they did. It's the same story but the only difference (that I could tell) was that in one version she had a mother/father and the other version she had two dads. I caught them both on television in separate years. I preferred the version with two dads. I don't know why, maybe because I saw it first. But either way, I actually enjoyed watching this film. It's not Oscar worthy, but It's an easy watch around the holidays.

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