The Third Page

1999 [TURKISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright82%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by secilicel9 / 10

A reflection on people on the other side of life...powerful and worth seeing!

I can surely say that this film is the most impressive of Zeki Demirkubuz's films ("Innocence" is also very good, though. Hard to make a decision between these two, I guess.).

Shortly, a young guy from the suburbs, without many expectations from life, struggles against all the hardships that come up "just" to survive, while life is constantly overwhelming him in the most brutal way, leaving no way out in the end, but suicide as there is no "third page" or let's say, no possibility of new beginnings in this context, where one is doomed to be in perpetual poverty, trouble and anguish.

Demirkubuz creates an excellent dramatic atmosphere, which is realistic in the sense that the film reflects another face of Turkish context (whether some like it or not, yeah, it is real. Nevertheless, it should not be generalized) through its strong main characters as well as its suburban background. Besides, it is obviously self-reflective in the shooting scenes of a Turkish TV series.

Of course, you will not find much nihilism or absurd-ism like in "Yazgi", and you are not supposed to. However, you will certainly find the sincere reflection of the lives of many "little" people living among us, mostly being unnoticed, and in a sense, it could be helpful to raise our awareness of people on the other side of life.

Reviewed by volkanderinbay6 / 10

The film which is dedicated to the losers.

Firstly, the film's name is `Üçüncü Sayfa' (not Ücgunzü Sayfa),means `third page', signifies `new start in life'. Zeki Demirkubuz is an independent director, and this film is directed and produced by him. This film is the story of people who has no leading role in life, people whose stories we don't usually want to know or listen, people who can't burst out laughing, people who is on the thin line separating life and death; and they are hesitant to have any hope neither from life nor death . This film is an honest film, which has no anxiety of neither rating nor money. There is no showy adventures or nothing which doesn't exist in ordinary life. Some of the scenes have Dostoyewsky's feeling of guilty analyzes. Some scenes tell about the backstage of Turkish movie. The real reason which makes me content, the scenes which are about the little worlds of little people. Zeki Demirkubuz is walking in the way he knows, and I'm very hopeful about Turkish (European) movie.

Reviewed by sstocker110 / 10

This movie deserves much more attention than it has been getting.

`Third Page' is an excellent film, a sort of Turkish cross between Fritz Lang's `Scarlet Street' and Dostoevsky's `Crime and Punishment.' Its subject matter is very dark, alleviated only by occasional black humor. If well-made, depressing movies cheer you up, you should definitely check this one out.

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