Bettie Page Reveals All


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by classicsoncall7 / 10

"It is very difficult to find a parallel for her." - Hugh Hefner on Bettie Page

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that for the longest time, I thought the character of Bettie Page was fictional. Granted, I had seen pin-up pictures of her, but almost always the context seemed to be of someone impersonating the former glamor queen. This story even alludes to that fact at one point, as Bettie's life and career seemed outsize to the actual person, reaching a crescendo that found her face and figure on display in magazines and posters throughout the entire world. The film itself takes an interesting approach, we never see the real Bettie Page, though her voice is heard throughout the picture, having been recorded in a series of interviews while she was alive. She's quite frank about growing up with a father who was a sex fiend who molested her, and a mother who didn't want girls, only to be 'blessed' with four girls and a boy during that relationship. Bettie took to modeling and posing quite naturally, never really feeling self conscious about her body and having an instinct for presenting herself in the most entertaining ways. You could tell that she enjoyed her career and that she didn't regret her occupation of choice, although once she decided to call it quits, it was pretty much final. She disappeared from public life entirely at the age of thirty four, had relationships, married, had three kids, went to Bible school, and eventually suffered a mental breakdown. She was even institutionalized for ten years at the Patton State mental hospital in California after attacking a landlady, but persevered to live a long life until her death at the age of eighty five in 2008. Suffice it to say that if you're a Bettie Page fan, this documentary is better than any pin-up magazine, as you'll get unrestricted access to Bettie Page from every conceivable angle, with and without clothes on. And she does them all with a smile and the greatest attitude you'll ever experience.

Reviewed by tavm10 / 10

Bettie Page Reveals All! is fascinating to watch with all her sexy images accompanied by her elderly voice reminiscing about those times

As someone who had previously watched The Notorious Bettie Page-the dramatized account of the pin-up queen-and Bettie Page: The Girl in the Leopard Print Bikini-another documentary about her, seeing a DVD of Bettie Page Reveals All! displayed on the shelf at Barnes & Noble-with the revelation that Ms. Page herself was narrating from recordings of interviews she did before her death in 2008 as well as the promise of so many of her pictures and short movies she made being shown-made me want to buy it right away and view it at home which I just did. Quite an eye-opener watching all those images of Ms. Page in all her sexy glory and then hearing her elderly voice with such a fascinating account of what she went through much of her life made this quite an experience to savor. So on that note, I highly recommend Bettie Page Reveals All!

Reviewed by roddekker4 / 10

The Final Page In The Life Of Bettie Page

Let me tell ya - By the time that this celebrity-documentary called "Bettie Page Reveals All" had come to its closing credits - I found myself seriously wishing that Bettie Page (who provided narration throughout) had refrained from "revealing all" as she did in this decidedly disillusioning story.

And, what it was that I wished Bettie hadn't revealed to me had to do with her "born-again" conversion to Christianity.... I mean, here was a very uninhibited woman (in her youth) who gleefully sold herself as a sex-object (for the lusting eyes of men and lesbians) - And, yet, in the same breath, she was claiming how much she loved the bible and all that it represented (in the name of morals and personal ethics).

This religious revelation of Bettie's struck me as being so hypocritical that, by the time the whole show was over, I was totally fed-up with this deluded woman and saw her as, pretty much, just a self-deceiving bimbo.

Anyway - I don't totally write-off this documentary as being worthless. No. There certainly were some segments in it that were actually quite entertaining, especially when it came to focusing in on Bettie's somewhat brief-but-productive career as a soft-core pin-up girl of the 1950's.

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