Lucky in Love


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled42%
IMDb Rating5.6101303

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Jessica Szohr as Mira Simon
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Cindy Busby as Brooke
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Julia Benson as Sophie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle3 / 10

bland Hallmark movie

Mira Simon (Jessica Szohr) dreams of the perfect life. Her co-worker friend Jonah has a crush on her. It's April Fool's Day. Sophie tries to set her up but Mira pretends Liam as her new boyfriend. She delivers papers to a nice apartment and pranks her roommates that it's her new place. She pranks Jonah that she got a big promotion from CEO Erin Billings (Deidre Hall) and then she gets stuck in the elevator with her. Suddenly, all of her pranks come true but her new perfect life isn't quite as good as expected.

This is a Hallmark movie. It's not a sin but this is so bland. It is lifeless. Jessica Szohr is a perfectly engaging lead. Jonah has the potential for a nice rom-com but he is no more than a side character. This simply lacks substance.

Reviewed by edwagreen7 / 10

Her Lucky Day-Lucky in Love ***

Perhaps, if they played You'd Be So Easy to Love as the title theme song as the credits came out, this would have enhanced this film.

Mira is played by someone who resembles Anne Bancroft in her early years. She strives for perfection and seems to hit the jackpot in one day, when she gets stuck in the elevator with her top executive and shows her an idea she has for their computer social network business.Her immediate boss had really ignored her and was up for a top promotion. She gets the top position instead and meets the guy of her dreams in a chance meeting all in one day.

The film tries to bring out that getting your wish isn't everything, especially the financial angle as well.

The film reinforces the idea that the best management allows for collective collaboration and interaction among its employees to attain their ideas.

Reviewed by phd_travel5 / 10

Pleasant and predictable

Jessica Szhor of Gossip Girl plays an executive who gets a promotion upwards and meets her prince charming. However when she gets her promotion she struggles with being the boss instead of the underling and also has no place in her life for her new guy.

There is a fairly predictable story about how she can't have it all - the career and the guy. It is so impossible? What's the message anyway - you can't have both? Jessica looks prettier than in GG. Wouldn't have pegged her look for the romantic lead always though she is more the supporting best friend. But she cleans up nicely. Benjamin Hollingsworth is her good friend who is secretly in love with her. The ending is predicable.

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