The Patsy


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John Carradine as Bruce Arden
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Peter Lorre as Morgan Heywood
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Reviewed by Petey-1010 / 10

Jerry Lewis, one of the kind

This is Jerry Lewis at his best.Sure I could say the same thing about him in many other movies.The master clown plays this time a bellboy named Stanley Belt.A star comedian dies, so they want to train a nobody, in this case Stan the bellboy, to be the new star.But hiring Stan to fill the shoes of the comedian really isn't such a good idea.He can't do anything right and there are so many things he has to do.So many things he has to learn, and there's not too much time to learn it all.The Patsy (1964): directed by Jerry Lewis, writing credits Jerry Lewis and Bill Richmond.This is a funny comedy with a deeper meaning.Jerry does his comic act with his own unique style, that many have tried to imitate.But let's face it; nobody is better than the original.Ina Balin is a terrific leading lady.She plays Ellen Betz and is really sweet in her part.Everett Sloane is Caryl Fergusson and he's marvelous.Phil Harris is great as Chic Wymore.Keenan Wynn is wonderful as Harry Silver.Also his father, Ed Wynn can be seen in the movie.And so can Keenan's son Ned Wynn.Peter Lorre does his final movie role in The Patsy.He was a great, great actor in both comedies and more serious roles.Scatman Crothers is there to give shine to the shoes.Then there are people you may recognize from other Lewis movies, like Del Moore, Buddy Lester and Nancy Kulp.Some people are there as themselves, like Hedda Hopper, Rhonda Fleming, George Raft, Mel Tormé and Ed Sullivan.Not too many movies have a cast like that! Two of my favorite scenes are where Jerry paints a tuxedo on himself and the flashback sequence showing Jerry as a youngster in a dance where the girls don't want to dance with him.Those scenes show what a great mime Jerry really is.Here in Finland they have been showing Jerry Lewis movies on Sundays this summer.The last time they showed his movies successively was in 1998.Now I can see the tragedy in Jerry's characters better than I did back then.Then I saw only the crazy and zany and funny man.Now I can see his characters are often tragic figures who also happen to be very funny.Jerry Lewis can still make me laugh like crazy.Jerry is a fool with heart.Nobody can do it like Jerry Lewis.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci7 / 10

Jerry's Thinking More than Usual in this Deep Display of Nuttiness

The Prolific, Near-Genius, Self-Indulgent, and as Always Self-Referential Jerry Lewis is at it Again. Pushing Film Conventions just a Nudge, not Over the Edge, Never Wanting to be Totally Dismissed and Forever Seeking Approval, He Managed to be Creative as well as, Like Most Comedians, Inconsistent.

Jerry's Fans Rate this One Pretty HIgh, some Considering it His Best along with The Nutty Professor (1963). It is Deeper than His Other Movies and Lewis, who was a Constant Thinker, seemed to be Thinking Overtime on this One.

Like All Jerry Lewis Movies this has some Very Funny Bits and His Comic Timing is in Evident Here with a Scene Involving Voice Lessons and Antiques. The Sight Gags in Jerry's Movies are Consistently Innovative and Succeed without Fail, One after Another.

Armed with an All-Star Supporting Cast and a Number of Cameos, the Perennial Clown just might have Reached too Far on this One because in this Film when it is Embarrassing (most Jerry Lewis Films include cringe-inducements) it is Really Embarrassing, like in the Nightclub Scene.

Overall, this is One of Jerry's more Ambitious Movies and Probably One of HIs Best, although that's Debatable. Still if You are one of those that can Only take a Smattering of the Jerry Lewis Charm, this is Probably one You should Check Out. It's got it All.

Reviewed by MartinHafer2 / 10

Jerry Lewis at his worst.

A famous celebrity dies in the opening scene. His group of handlers are sad--not just at his death but because they're out of jobs. Then one gets a brainstorm--pool their talents and create a new star. Then, they can keep their jobs. They're a cocky group and decide it doesn't matter if they guy they pick has talent and they pick the first schmuck they meet--a loud and clumsy bellboy (Lewis). They then proceed to make him a star--singing one of the most annoying ditties I've ever heard. There's more to it than that, but frankly I couldn't make myself finish the movie--it was THAT annoying.

This film began with the worst possible job of mugging for the camera I have ever seen--with Jerry Lewis WAY overdoing EVERYTHING. He drops glasses and each time he picks up ice, it slips out of his hands--again and again. And the way he talks....uggh!! He never finishes a single sentence and this is what is supposed to be comedy?! I was so annoyed but decided to keep couldn't get worse. And I was right, it didn't get any worse...but it didn't get any better. It's a shame, as I have watched a bunch of his movies lately and enjoyed most of them. This one, however, just seemed VERY self-indulgent, loud, poorly timed and unfunny. It's a shame, as he could be funny and likable--here he's just obnoxious and lacks humanity. A clear misfire and I don't seem to see what some others loved about this film--it's just no enjoyable in the least.

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