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Janine Turner as Hilda Hensley
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Megan Hilty as Patsy Cline
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Joe Tippett as Doolittle Lynn
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Kyle Schmid as Charlie Dick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aarpcats5 / 10


Omg, where do I start?

Patsy Cline was a gifted contralto who could sing at least two octaves without losing the fullness of the nótes. Her voice, even in songs like "Honky Tonk Merry Go Round" stayed silky, seductive and personal. She sang every song as if it is personal, which is why her voice is unmistakable whether it's paired with violins or cowbells. She knew how to make it her own.

Megan Hilty, a terrific Broadway singer, doesn't just sing a song. She belts it out so the people the back can hear her. She has a greater vocal range, but not the same ability or carve a note out from a song and leave it hanging in the air. That's why her rendition of "Crazy" sounds less like Patsy "making love to the audience" (as Owen Bradley said of Patsy's voice),and more like Ethel Merman telling us that "there's NO business like SHOW business,"

It's the wrong voice for the character. It wouldn't be a big deal but this is a movie about singers with the wrong kind of singing voices.

Jessie Mueller does a better job with Loretta Lynn's fragile, near shouting way of singing. She nails the pauses and breathing that Lynn puts into her songs. She's a little off with the look and the notes, but she does a pretty good job.

The accents in this movie are GODAWFUL. Couldn't Lifetime have spring for a dialect coach? It's as bad as watching a whole movie of David Boreanaz pretending to be the Irish Angelus.

Finally, the film itself is poorly paced. It feels as if we are waiting for a Yoplait or Progressive commercial every 15 minutes. There's a story to be told here, but this isn't the film to tell it,

Watch "Sweet Dreams" or "Coal Miner's Daughter." They are far better films with far better acting and music.

Reviewed by Calicodreamin7 / 10

Country royalty

A well made film depicting the friendship between two queens of country. The tone felt sincere and yet respectful. Both actresses played their roles well and they had good chemistry. A heartfelt tribute and well told story.

Reviewed by adamsandel8 / 10

Megan Hilty is outstanding

Both actresses have great chemistry together and do a fine job as country legends Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, but Megan Hilty is truly outstanding as Cline. She fully embodies the character with great humor, warmth and vulnerability.

The film's focus on how the women's friendship developed is refreshing, as opposed to the typical biopic storyline of "then this happened, and then I got famous, and then this happened..."

It's also nice to have two wonderful singers playing famous singers, as opposed to actors lip syncing the legendary songs.

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