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Reviewed by ewansonnycallan10 / 10

"Excellent" film based on the irish famine!

This film has a has a great start, and a brilliant ending.

This film is based at the start of the irish famine in the 1800s, and shows just how desperate people were from starvation!

The dialogue is in irish (with English subtitles) and in English for scenes with English landlords. I think thats another reason that this film is fantastic, it's in its native tongue, which most irishmen/women spoke at the time. I'm giving this a 10/10 for its excellent cinematography, for its brilliant acting and for its historic accuracy on the famine ! A must watch.

Reviewed by Pairic9 / 10

A Pestilence and a Blight are upon the land

Arracht: 1845, the potato blight is on the way, it has a distinctive smell. Colmán (Dónall Ó Héalaí) is a tenant farmer, a fisherman, a poiín distiller, a folk healer. The sight of a Galway hooker boat with it's red sail, small isles in the background the sun on the sea; building a stone wall, always plenty of stones in the fields of Connemara. Drinking the poitín, Colman avoids it, eating the mackerel and potatoes. But a dark is approaching, not just the potato blight but the landlord wants to increase the rent. Patsy (Dara Devaney) a deserter from the navy has a run in with bailiff when he comes to Colmán's house. Colmán goes to the landlord in an attempt to persuade him to lower the rents, bringing Patsy with him to apologise to the bailiff. The landlord is unmoved but mayhem results when Patsy reveals his dark side.

We see the result of the Great Famine, Colmán's family are dead, many perish from disease as well as from starvation, a pestilence and a blight are upon the land. Colmán has been in hiding for two years on the islet where he kept his poitín still. Some great shots of the narrow inlet leading to Colmán's cave where he hears the voices of his dead wife and son. Venturing to the mainland occasionally, helping with his folk medicines he meets a young girl, Kitty (Saise Ní Chuinn),who he nurses back to heath. Their developing father/daughter relationship fills out the second half of the film. But there are a few plot twists and the narrative is infused with dark events. People who are hungry will act abnormally, the true horror of the Famine is illustrated through this and the sporadic finding of bodies by Colmán, these were all locals he knew. The Great Famine didn't just happen: it was imposed upon the people. Great performances by Ó Héalaí, Devaney and especially by Saise Ní Chuinn. Directed and written by Tomás Ó Súilleabháin. In Irish with English subtitles. 9/10.

Reviewed by pwmoores-494447 / 10

Good start and end

The first thirty minutes of this film is very good in setting out the core of the story and the concluding ten minutes is also good. However, the middle section is a bit plodding and drags. Overall the film is well acted and very atmospheric. I saw this film at the Glasgow Film Festival.

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