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Reviewed by wes-connors3 / 10

...and Baby Makes Three!

After looking over material from a fertility clinic, attractive but childless Kimberley Hews (as Kate Jennings) hears eerie sounds and discovers a bald-headed burglar in her house. She is frantic, understandably, and calls for help. The burglar calls Ms. Hews "Debra" for reasons later clear. The frightening incident is followed by one even more horrifying. Clues lead Hews to meet tilted blonde Tonya Kay (as Debra "Deb" Stanton),a pregnant woman fond of tight tops and short shorts. The two women attempt to solve the story's mysteries or die trying. The inside sets for "The Other Wife" are elegant and spacious, looking like they belong in a mansion instead of the modest home in outside location shots. The burglar has a bigger role than initially expected and Nick Principe (as Ed Warwick) does well with the part. Director Nick Lyon and his make-up crew do a nice-looking job in Mr. Principe's final scene.

*** The Other Wife (3/13/2016) Nick Lyon ~ Kimberley Hews, Tonya Kay, Nick Principe, Lisa Goodman

Reviewed by nogodnomasters3 / 10

I'm not his patient. I'm his wife.

Dr. Billy Jennings (George Stumpf) has two wives, gambling debts, and a rope with a noose. He uses the rope. It seems his gambling debts don't go away and the wives (joined forces) are being leaned on for the the police? Of course not because they are no match for a bookie and his muscle man.

The film claims to be based on a true story. It is made for TV and Asylum. The drama and acting was so fake I had to laugh at the car scene. Might want to try a different Lifetime movie. Kimberley Hews back steps about every other scene for drama effect.

Reviewed by hogwaump2 / 10

Not worth watching

The plot and dialogue don't make much sense. The acting is wooden and amateurish.

This movie opens with wife #1 gazing sadly at a flier for a fertility clinic, which is a shabby way to set up that part of the story. Home alone, she hears a noise downstairs. Oh no! Cue the scary music. She goes completely unarmed to check it out, and is interrupted by a bleeping cell phone on the bed. Cue the obligatory horror-flick startle.

She checks the phone, finds a message from hubby that he will be late getting home. Undeterred, she tiptoes onward, to the background sounds of some off-tempo Foley artist making more loud clomping noises than the number of footsteps she takes.

Downstairs, she does not peek cautiously into the office where a burglar is apparently trying to open a safe with a pry-bar. Instead she darts past the doorway, attracting his attention, then plasters herself in terror backward against the wall on the far side.

The burglar standing five feet away is amazingly slow, so she has plenty of time to run upstairs and lock herself in to call 911 on the cell phone. Police arrive very quickly and promptly arrest the AWOL husband on his way inside, right after just having texted his wife that he would be very late getting home.

This dog of a movie carries on in the same inept fashion, actors spouting lame lines with uninspired delivery. As the story unfolds, wife #1 goes to find wife #2. They have a contentious chat that breaks off with wife #1 saying as an exit, "I came for what I needed," when she should have said "I got what I came for," . . . at this point it was just intolerably bad and I finally turned the movie off.

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