Court Martial



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Laurence Naismith as Major Panton
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David Niven as Carrington
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Margaret Leighton as Mrs. Valerie Carrington
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Reviewed by MOscarbradley8 / 10

A gripping and intelligent courtroom drama

A brilliant courtroom drama that doesn't rely on flashbacks to present its case but sticks solely to the testimonies of the various parties involved. Carrington is a major being court-martialed for stealing money which he claims was his by right. It's superbly written, (by John Hunter),directed, (by Anthony Asquith) and played, (by a superlative cast of British character actors). David Niven, at his very best, is Carrington and Margaret Leighton is terrific as his highly strung and jealous wife. The Irish actress, Noelle Middleton, is also excellent as the captain with more than a soft spot for Niven. This is a gripping and intelligent film that really deserves to be seen.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend7 / 10

An officer on trial for doing what he said he would?.

Major Charles Carrington (David Niven),is arrested for taking £125 from the base safe, he also face two other charges that could finish his distinguished service career. He decides to act on his own defence at his court martial hearing, his argument being that he is owed a lot of money from the army for his various postings that have cost him out of his own pocket. To further complicate the proceedings, Carrington alleges he told his superior, the very disliked Colonel Henniker, that he was taking the money from the safe. A mans career, his marriage, and quite a few reputations, all hang in the balance.

Yes, well it is very British, of that there is no denying, it's very much heel to toe, cup of tea and chin chin chin. So with that in mind {i'm British myself by the way}this may grate on film viewers outside of the British Isles, but it's a really honest and interesting piece that scrutinises the British Court Martial system and rewards the court genre fans royally. Niven is, well Niven, he's always a solid professional who always earned his pay, and good support comes from the ladies of the piece, Margaret Leighton and Noelle Middleton, whilst i must give a mention to the seriously great Victor Maddern, an actor who was far from the A list of British greats but once you put the name to the face, you will see he was always memorable in what films he made.

So as a court room genre fan, and of course a staunch fan of British cinema, i'm going to rate 7/10 with a disclaimer that if those outside of my shores don't get it....well you just don't get it, {nudge nudge wink wink}.

Reviewed by dwm518 / 10

Cavaliers v Roundheads

The major theme of this film is the role of the war hero in a peacetime army. Carrington is an undoubted hero but the rule-breaking qualities that made him a hero are not welcome in a peacetime army where bureaucratic procedures are the norm, represented in this film by Henniker, Carrington's commanding officer and an unbending stickler for the rules. So, Carrington is romantic but wrong and Henniker is dull but right. The film, filled with great ensemble acting performances, invites you to choose which you prefer. At the time the film was made, Germany had emerged from the ruins of war with Europe's most dynamic economy whereas Britain, the victor, was mired in post-war decline. Carrington was the dashing war hero but Henniker is in charge now. Henniker, who avoided action in the war, with his Germanic name and blond hair. There's a nice metaphor here. Britain won the war, but who won the peace?

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