The Jungle Book 2


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten18%
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John Rhys-Davies as Ranjan's Father
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Mae Whitman as Shanti
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John Goodman as Baloo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EugeneandSasha7 / 10

Not very good, But COULDN'T of been better

Jungle Book 2 is a pretty decent movie. It doesn't compare to the original but it does pay some respect to it. I gave a lot of credit to Jungle Book 2 because making a sequel to that classic movie is anything but easy.

The plot is surprisingly good and makes sense. It introduces problems to Mowgli as he misses his life in the jungle. Meanwhile Shere Khan is lurking in the jungle, looking for revenge.

I really don't think that a sequel to the masterpiece Jungle Book could of been better than this movie. In other words this movie was doomed from the start but it didn't fail.

I can't really describe what is bad about Jungle Book 2. What I can say is that it was missing key elements that made the original so great. This movie did have some good scenes and did keep me interested.

Overall I actually enjoyed this movie and my advice to future viewers is to not expect something as good as the original. The 5.2 rating is out of place for Jungle Book 2, it deserves better.

My rating: 6.9/10

Reviewed by jboothmillard1 / 10

The Jungle Book 2

36 years since the original film (the last to be overseen by Walt Disney),a live action remake, and many spin-offs (e.g. George of the Jungle),surely they would have realised to leave it there, but no, there came this completely unnecessary sequel. Basically Mowgli (Haley Joel Osment) is now living with his own kind in the man village with that girl he fell for, Shanti (Mae Whitman),along with Ranjan (Connor Funk) and his father (John Rhys-Davies). He keeps talking about his time in the jungle (it wasn't that long, at least that we saw),and he often wishes to go back. In the jungle itself meanwhile, Baloo the Bear (John Goodman, I do like him, but he is not as good as the original Phil Harris - the first singer to voice a Disney cartoon) is wishing he'd come back. Eventually both get their wish and are reunited when Shere Khan (Tony Jay, the only one who sounds similar to the original actor) has returned to get his revenge. The rest of the film is basically some bonding, near-misses, the final battle, and a happy ending that could have been in the first film, but better it is the crap film. Also starring Bob Joles as Bagheera, Jim Cummings as Kaa, Colonel Hathi and M.C. Monkey, and Phil Collins as Lucky. The story is unoriginal, the new songs are really lame, well actually, the whole film is mega lame, it should be thrown in the sewer and never heard of again, but of course, it's there and we can't get rid of it. If you like the original film, I implore you never see this complete piece of crap sequel. Very poor!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Some good moments; otherwise a thinly-plotted and rather lame sequel!

The original is one of my favourites, with the great songs, originality, memorable characters and its good nature. Other than the existence of the characters, this sequel fails everywhere else, so is definitely inferior in comparison. I can't believe some people thought the original was racist, I personally think someone's ethnicity should not be an issue when talking about voice work. Another problem with the sequel was that the characters, who were funny and memorable in the original, were not very likable at all, not even Baloo. Though Phil Collins makes a brief and amusing appearance as a vulture. The biggest flaw, was the plot. It seemed non-existent, and if there was one, it was very uninteresting with no heart, fun or charm at all, all of which were in the original. It also felt too much of a re-hash, a similar problem I had with Little Mermaid 2. The pace was very limp, although the film is quite short.(some sequels like King of Thieves, Enchanted Christmas and Simbas's Pride were surprisingly good despite their short durations) The voice talents try their best, but with a very bad script, and they sounded too similar to the original voices. Haley Joel Osment does his best, but his Mowgli had no personality, likewise with John Goodman as Baloo. Bagheera, Kaa and Ranjan provide some laughs, halfway through, after a very slow beginning. One of the original's highlights was George Sanders' Shere Kahn. Whilst suave and charismatic, Sanders brought a sense of menace to the character. That said, I was deeply disappointed in Tony Jay as Shere Kahn, though it isn't his fault at all; the material they gave him was very bad indeed. He was amazing as the character in Talespin, why did the script writers decide to ruin him, by making him rather empty as a villain? Jay is a truly talented voice actor, like Tim Curry, evident in Beauty and the Beast, Talespin and Hunchback of Notre Dame, but through no fault of his, Shere Kahn was nowhere near as menacing as he was in the original. The songs from the original were legendary, here they were eminently forgettable, and slowed the film down quite considerably. Bare Neccessities even managed to be very badly sung. Though on a positive note, some of the animation was average, and there was at least some attempt at humour. I don't think it is as bad as Cinderella 2, but nevertheless it is very thinly-plotted. 4/10 Bethany Cox.

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