The Gift


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Jason Bateman as Simon
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Joel Edgerton as Gordo
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Rebecca Hall as Robyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RileyOnFilm7 / 10

When a Gift is Not a Gift

The gift isn't much of a gift at all. The gift to me was when I discovered Joel Edgerton is not only Gordo, the creepy stalker in the film, but also the writer/director of the piece. Wow! He certainly does a great job. Most directors might gravitate toward a role in their film that is endearing to the audience, Gordo couldn't be any further from that sort of character. Things that go bump in the night can usually be explained away. If you were in Simon and Robyn's case, you might find out your explanations are incorrect months or years later. So what were those creepy bumps for Simon and Robyn? Edgerton's script shows they are part of a larger, much darker, horrific beyond an R rated gift. You'll be surprised at the twist.

Robyn and Simon have just moved in to a posh 60's retro home and are settling in as a married couple. They receive numerous visits from Gordo who says he knew Simon in High School. We get the feeling their relationship was more ominous in nature than it appears to Robyn, who Gordo starts to form a platonic relationship with. Through a course of events, the film becomes a typical stalker thriller but eventually sets itself apart as a very clever, well written, and telling "human nature" account of who everybody "really" is (not just Gordo).

I really liked "The Gift" because I enjoy psychology. As the tale unravels we actually see perspectives we aren't meant to see. The obvious hero is far from it and the villain, while never a hero, becomes someone we can empathize with, though never fully. I thought the cast was amazing and the story really stays with you because of their performances. Jason Bateman does a great job in this thriller whereas he usually plays comedy parts. He can do a variety of roles. It's a perfect thriller but I thought it did take too long developing the story. I think it's over 2/3 of the way through before the typical stalker thriller stuff ends and you get into the genius of the film. For that reason it lost a star with me. Watch this creepy fun movie, I recommend it.

Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

Blast from the past

Yuppie couple Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall see to have a nice lock on the American dream. He's just gotten a promotion at work and she becomes pregnant with their first. One fine day Joel Edgerton a friend from high school greets them at the local supermarket. At first Bateman doesn't quite recall him, but it becomes clear and it's not with any fondness he remembers Edgerton. But soon enough he starts insinuating himself into their lives.

If you think you know where this one is going let me assure you that you don't. It turns out that Hall really does not know the guy she married. Bateman did Edgerton some real dirt back in high school and it's not been forgotten. What it was I can't lest I spoil the viewing. But it was nasty.

In fact back from my long ago high school days I knew someone who had that happen to him. I also knew bullies like Bateman who did things like what he did.

The Gift is a good film and will hit home for a lot of people.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca5 / 10

Middling psycho thriller

THE GIFT is an all-too-familiar psycho thriller, a labour of love for actor Joel Edgerton who wrote and directed the piece as well as playing the psycho, whose motivations are better-written than usual for the genre. Unfortunately the film itself is a somewhat laidback production, one which lacks the tension that marks the best of the genre. The storyline feels familiar and too slow, and you never really invest in the lives of the main characters; Jason Bateman is perhaps too good at playing his jerk of a character, although British actress Rebecca Hall is very convincing for her part. The film has some decent twists and surprises at times, but the ending peters out to a real anticlimax that does nothing but make the viewer feel let down.

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