Six Degrees of Santa


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Reviewed by rebekahrox6 / 10


I will always prioritize movies which star Steve Lund, so I gave this a chance. Also, I wanted to exorcise the memory of the horror that was his other 2022 Christmas Movie in which Steve was dumped by the widow that wasn't.

I liked the concept of the movie and our heroine Steph's personal Christmas project, Six Degrees of Santa. Its kind of a Christmas gift chain letter. Santa#1 buys a gift that is meaningful to them and gives it anonymously to a stranger or a friend who in turn does the same. The sixth recipient gets to keep it. Steph's own Santa#1 gift eventually reaches a tech mogul she despises. But he is touched by the gift which is a book that meant a lot to him as a child. He reaches out to Steph, who is easy to find because her project has gone viral with people all over the world. He wants to find the person who bought the gift originally, thinking that they will have a real connection because of the book they have in common. Steph wants nothing to do with him so she lies and tells him the original buyer was her next door neighbor.

I loved Steve Lund in this, but didn't care for the actress who played Steph, or her character. Firstly, the choice of cosmetics for this movie did not suit her looks. I read her bio, and Kathryn appears to be a beautiful and multi talented performer. I liked her in another movie, but just didn't care for her or her character in this one. Her delivery seemed anxious, tense, and high-strung. She talked in a too fast staccato manner. As for her character, Steph's whole relationship with Steve was based on a lie. She started to fall for him and see his true self underneath the surface, but wouldn't tell him the truth. That premise for a plot is boring and is used far too often. Plus, her character is not too bright about how to make the most of her idea. She was blind and stubborn until the very end. Her mother accuses her of not being able to see the forest for the trees and she was absolutely right. It was too frustrating.

Reviewed by tinatalksavon10 / 10

Loved the idea

Six Degrees of Santa sounds like such a fun concept. It's sort of like a Secret Santa, but on a little different scale. This idea of Six Degrees of Santa would be so much fun if it caught on locally, IF everyone selected would participate. But, there's always someone that spoils the fun for others. Of course, this didn't happen in this movie.

It was nice to see the male lead, (tech guy) willing to help others and promote their businesses - and not just to benefit his business. Then he actually came down to earth and baked cookies.

My hubby & I both thought this was a good, fun movie with a different storyline. It's so nice to watch Christmas movies with new ideas.

Reviewed by piperLJ7 / 10

Steve Lund was Brilliant

Steve Lund made this movie. I lost interest real fast with the female lead. I continued watching because I liked Steve Lund's character and wanted to watch it develop. The over excessive makeup on the actress was real distracting on from the fake eyelashes to the eye shadow. She also really overacted. The daughter was cute and a sweet little actress. I would have turned it off had Steve Lund not had such a neat part. I have never been much of a fan of him but this was awesome. Kudos to Steve for making this movie. This was a good lifetime movie overall. I give it more stars because of Steve only.

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