The Ultimate Gift


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Abigail Breslin as Emily Rose
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James Garner as Howard 'Red' Stevens
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Mircea Monroe as Caitlin
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Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

A Set OfTasks

James Garner, multi-billionaire has just died and in the tradition of today has left a living will. He's left a flock of relatives, most of them a gang of sponges who've never worked a day in their lives. One of those is a grandson, Drew Fuller, who seems no better than the others. But while Garner was living he spotted something in this young man, some potential which if realized makes him entitled to The Ultimate Gift.

What a shock young Fuller gets when he gets the first in a series of tapes where Garner charges him with performing a set of tasks to see if he's ready for The Ultimate Gift being it a fortune or whatever else is in store for him. Judging him will be attorney Bill Cobbs, but any number of other people in Garner's life will be involved. The first one happens to be Brian Dennehy owner of a big ranch in Texas, a Ewing sized spread where Fuller is first shown what it is like to do physical work out there for a paycheck. Not something he's accustomed to, but he does survive and goes on to other tasks, not necessarily jobs.

Not all, but a lot of people born to wealth never really appreciate what it is to earn and strive. Without all the right wing politics involved The Ultimate Gift is very close to the message that John Wayne was giving in McLintock. If you remember Wayne tells Stefanie Powers that she and her husband to be which turned out to be Patrick Wayne that as his daughter she will get a small well stocked spread, but not the cattle empire that he built. That will go to the nation as a national park. Wayne is concerned that many a young man will be wooing her for his fortune and the joy of life is the striving together that a man and woman do in raising a family and making wealth.

Garner also views the fortune he made as a trust that carries obligations and he wants Fuller to appreciate that fact as well. Fuller's life journey takes him all over the globe, but in the end he's judged ready to receive The Ultimate Gift, whatever that is.

This is a fine Hallmark Channel TV movie that teaches some valuable life lessons.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

sincerity comes across clunky

Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) is a spoiled rich kid. When his industrialist grandfather Red Stevens (James Garner) dies, the various family member are disappointed by their inheritance dispersed by Mr. Hamilton (Bill Cobbs) and Miss Hastings (Lee Meriwether). Jason and his grandfather did not get along especially with the lost of his beloved father. Red gives him the Ultimate Gift if he follows Red's instructions. First is the Gift of Work as he's forced to dig fence posts for Gus (Brian Dennehy). Second is the Gift of Friendship and they take away everything from him. He is tasked to find a friend. His girlfriend Caitlin (Mircea Monroe) abandons him. His mother (Donna Cherry) is told not to help him. Only Emily (Abigail Breslin) is willing to befriend him sleeping on a park bench. She has leukemia and her mother Alexia (Ali Hillis) is in dire straits. Jason is finally given money but it's only pay from the work with Gus. Third is the Gift of Money and he has to give away his paycheque. He decides to pay Alexia's rent. Fourth is the Gift of Family and he has to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Then he's sent to Ecuador where his father was killed by drug criminals. He continues the family's charity library for the locals. When he tries to see where his father was killed, he is kidnapped himself.

This is one of those faith-based movie that is overwhelmed by its overwrought message. It is sincere to the point of being clunky. Drew Fuller or his character is not the most appealing lead. The best part is the adorable Abigail Breslin. At least, she adds some heart into this rather mechanical movie lesson.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho8 / 10

Discovering a New Man

After the death of the oil tycoon Howard 'Red' Stevens (James Garner),his greedy family is gathered in the office of his lawyer, partner and friend Mr. Theophillis 'Ted' Hamilton (Bill Cobbs) and his associated Miss Hastings (Lee Meriwether) for reading the will. For his reckless and selfish grandson Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller),who hated him, Red assigns twelve apparently simple tasks called "gifts" – of work, money, friends, learning, problems, family, laughter, dreams, giving, gratitude, a day and love – challenging the playboy Jason to a journey of discoveries. When he meets the leukemic girl Emily (Abigail Breslin) and her mother Alexia (Ali Hillis),Jason changes his perspective of life and money, superseding the expectations of Red, improving and becoming a better man and receiving the ultimate gift from his wise grandfather.

What a wonderful surprise "The Ultimate Gift" is! This simple little movie has a magnificent story of discoveries, friendship, family values, redemption and love, supported by awesome performances highlighting the girl Abigail Breslin, whose witty dialogs make the viewer laugh and cry. Do not pay attention in the bad reviews in IMDb, and you will see a pleasant movie with a beautiful message. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "O Presente" ("The Gift")

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