The Fitzgerald Family Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ayoreinf7 / 10

Could've been good if not for all the cliché

A big family is a catalog of problems, a big family at the holidays is a catalog of problems reaching its boiling point. If you've lived in a big family you know it, if you've seen one or two films about big families, you probably know it too. Here lies the failure of this nice little film. Don't get me wrong, it's fairly well acted, the director choosing a low key approach that suits the genre well, so it's not a catastrophe, in fact it might be a good pastime if you can relate. Thing is the plot is not only loaded with cliché, it's devoid of any refreshing surprise or plot twist. And it tends to solve most of the problems it's looking into in a superficial almost casual manner. An abusive husband, falling for a creepy old man, falling for a girl who's too young for you, everything solved nice and easy, like it was no more than a ploy to cover a few more minutes on screen. It's not a good feeling to end with after a film with which we're suppose to relate.

Reviewed by george.schmidt9 / 10

Fimmaker Burns' return to form in this indie gem and instant holiday classic

THE FITZGERALD FAMILY Christmas (2012) ***1/2 Edward Burns, Connie Britton, Kerry Bishe, Heather Burns, Dara Coleman, Brian d'Arcy James, Marsha Dietlin, Noah Emmerich, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Anita Gillette, Tom Guiry, Ed Lauter, Malachy McCourt, Michael McGlone, Daniella Pineda, Nick Sandow, Johnny Solo, Joyce Van Patten. Fimmaker Burns' return to form in this indie gem and instant holiday classic - the sprawling/brawling Irish-American Fitzgerald family is in flux largely due to the dilemma of the estranged patriarch returning to the next for the forthcoming seasonal celebration with various affairs, rehabilitations and sibling rivalries in the mix as well as a matriarch far from willing to bury the hatchet (unless perhaps in her no-good ex' skull for starters). Funny, poignant and smartly written and low-key directed allowing each of the characters a few moments to shine and the genuine feeling of how the love/hate dynamic of ALL families is too-universal to a fault. Great performances particularly veterans Gillette and Lauter as the feuding parents. A wonderful indie present for filmgoers and a must see.

Reviewed by ksf-26 / 10

Ed Burns project

Written, directed, AND starring... Ed Burns. that's not always a good thing when the same person writes, directs, and stars.. here, Gerry Fitzgerald wants to round up the whole family for a get-together for mom's birthday. just listening to Gerry and mom talk over the plans, it already sounds like a huge passive aggressive fest waiting to happen. typical family shenanigans are about to ensue. except the siblings all bail on Gerry's party. the whole family will get together on christmas in a couple days, and family can only take so much of each other. family emotions, stories, guilt, secrets. and now the father who walked out years ago wants to visit. perfect cocktail for trouble. Connie Britton is nurse Nora, who looks after Gerry's neighbor... and sparks start to fly. it's okay.a bit hallmarkish.

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