The Dog Days of Christmas


Family / Romance

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Georgia Flood as Annie Blake
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Anna McGahan as Remy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccncftcb1 / 10

Boring boring boring

This film wins the accolade for being the most boring film i have ever watched, what a waste of time i can honestly say i get more excited watching grass grow in the winter. Just watching this movie i now feel more dumb and stoopid than before i watched it the director must of took a week work off and left the production to the intern who just happens to be a raging alcoholic. What abour the puppy love? What puppy i think they forgot about adding the dog the script must of bein written using invisible ink or maybe they just deleted half the script and then added a load of nonsense from some 5 year olds dream about fairies and rainbows or something like that.

All in all this film is trash.

Reviewed by vsteach-117175 / 10

Stick with it for the story, not the actors.

First of all, I had to ignore Aunt Claire whenever she spoke. Forced dialogue and overly acted expressions. The Dad actor was different and never really warmed up to him. Several events in the beginning almost made me skip this entirely. Riding a bike in the snow, the "closed-down" animal shelter and its owner Gary, the fact that a Veterinarian didn't know what the breed name of a hairless cat was. Finally, 20 minutes into the story, some other characters gave the story more life. I stuck with this movie out of curiosity and because I love animals. But it won't be on my Christmas list next year. (PS: too much baby talk by the main character who supposedly knew how to raise dogs)

Reviewed by adamjohns-425754 / 10

There's no way she would ever settle down.

Puppy Love For Christmas/Sit. Stay. Love (2021) -

I don't think that I enjoyed Georgia Flood's performance as Annie. Despite her "Good deeds", she was actually a bit of a selfish b!tch and I thought that her emotional issues about her Mum were a front for her just being horrible. Also, she dressed like Paddington Bear (Only he can rock that outfit).

And Ezekiel Simat's character Dylan really deserved much better than Annie, he was such a joyous, pleasant person. He should have got with Phil (Mansoor Noor) instead, another like minded person, with a kind heart. It would have made the story more interesting too, especially if he turned around at the end and told her that he wasn't interested, because he was dating Phil. I really would love to see more films with different plots and twists, a break from the normal formula.

I thought that the actor playing Rocket was superb though and really cute as well. Banjo was adorable too, whereas Gary was pretty terrible and in a weird way, perfectly suited to Aunt Claire, who was equally as nutty.

I felt sorry for Annie's Dad, who she was a cow to and I might have liked it if the story had been his and that he had found love himself, because he was easier to connect and sympathise with. I felt the sadness of his story and wanted to see him happy. She could have been there to help him find somebody, which would have been another way to make something a bit different.

As the film progressed there were a few too many events to attend, especially after they decided to create a new one. It didn't seem to know when to slow down for a beat, much like Annie.

It was a very busy film and the leading lady didn't appeal to me as a person at all, so I can't really rate it too highly. I wouldn't say never again, but it certainly wouldn't be a film that I would record to watch every Christmas.


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