The Call

2020 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Jong-seo Jun Photo
Jong-seo Jun as Young-sook
El Lee Photo
El Lee as Young-sook's mother
Shin-Hye Park Photo
Shin-Hye Park as Seo-yeon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain8 / 10

Another hit from South-Korea.

South-Korean cinema, it's just the best you can get from Asia. They for sure know how to make good movies and Kol (or The Call for the English title) is one of them. I'm always very sceptical when I watch a movie from Asia, but when it's Korean it's just different, they don't overact like we're normally used to when it comes from another Asian country. And they do know how to write interesting stories. In Kol there's an intriguing plot, one where you have to stay really concentrated to follow as it is a bit twisted, but it's certainly entertaining. The acting was perfect and that from the whole cast. I read other reviewers stating the ending was disappointing and in a way I get it because it causes confusion, but when I thought about it a bit more it wasn't that bad, but it's clear the movie was just one minute too long. That said its another hit from Korea, the list of good movies from over there is getting really long now. I guess I will have to follow director Chung-Hyun Lee as I'm sure he will make other great movies.

Reviewed by tmpsvita5 / 10

Complicated but not the way it wants to be

The Call is complicated but not in the way it wants to be. With a story like this one, original and very difficult to properly develop, you can have a great movie or and entertaining one but you need a really capable writer in both the cases. Unfortunately Chung-Hyun Lee is a decent director that knows how to entertain the audience but it's not a writer that knows how to handle a story this particular, even if he was the one that came up with it. This idea, because this is what we really see here: a great idea, needed more effort into the script to be transposed into something that made sense, instead the screenplay appears shallow, messy and ignorant, with logic too often sacrificed for entertainment purposes leading to plot holes and inconsistent plot twists that make you enjoy the movie less and less until it becomes more disappointing than engaging and more nonsensical than smart.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

A premise that works

THE CALL is an intriguing Korean thriller with a time travel based premise. It appears to be based on another movie and it has stylistic similarities to other movies such as FREQUENCY, but where this film excels is in the style, with lots of good acting, direction and choreography that continually impresses. It's the kind of film that has a straightforward plot with a big twist you can see coming a mile off, but the journey is so gripping that it doesn't matter. The two actresses, from #ALIVE and BURNING, are both very good in their roles and the film never lets its grip of suspense let up until the very end. It's not always convincing, but it does always remain watchable.

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