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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gfrasmd3 / 10

"Cinderella" meets "You've got mail" at Christmas.

The story of a couple disliking each other, while being secret pen pals, can only intrigue when the protagonists render it with subtle tones, balancing antagonism and growing attraction credibly. That requires an intelligent script and real chemistry between the actors. Remember the wonderful "The shop around the corner" of 1940? In this yarn, broadcast as "Secretly Santa", Miranda and Paul meet and fall for each other in a Cinderella-like scene. Disguised as Santas, they dance together, but loose track of one another. Next, they end up having to work together, perfecting a Christmas shopping app. They do not recognize and resent, though anonymously looking for and texting to, each other. Sounds cute, doesn't it? Unfortunately, Josipovic and Nelson are no Sullavan and Stewart and share but a limited dose of chemistry. What is worse, most of the show is done in overtones, with no finesse.

In the first scene, intended to describe the initial spark that generates a magical love story, Miranda and Paul act like a horny, inebriated couple out of "Sex and the City". Honestly, I barely overcame my impulse to switch channel. Happily, the show got a bit more watchable, thereafter. Yet, the producers must have sensed the simple interaction of the lead characters had no flavor. Hence, the show needed lots of distracting or disturbing actions to enhance drama. The insanity of Grant taking a momentary leave from loving his girlfriend to propose to Miranda is appalling. The mundane stupidity of the shopping app being developed reveals how base the insight into Christmas values runs at Lifetime. Let's rest here. The movie does not really deserve more attention. A possibly charming tale was turned into uneven pulp.

Reviewed by YabbaDabbaDabba1 / 10

Let's See: Silly, & Too Much Chatter

I knew right away this was going to be dog, bark, bark! When a movie starts off with fast, stupid, never ending back and forth, it's a loser. I think it's scrip writers who are inexperienced and think it's cool to fill up every second with meaningless drivel (but it has to be loaded with words. Hopefully, experience will stop this nonsense, and talent will take over. I'm an optimist.

Bottom Line: I made it about 10 minutes before I hit the "Kill This Junk" button. Don't waste your time. Try underwater basket weaving as a step up.

Reviewed by Jackbv1236 / 10

Mrs. Claus, you've got mail

Another You've Got Mail premise combined with app developers. Throw in the little guy (mom and pop shop) vs the corporate giant.

The relationship development shared a lot of screen time with the app development so I'm not going to try to judge chemistry.

It would have been a nice predictable ending. The "I wanted it to be you" line was changed a bit. And it mostly was predictable, but there is one final protest against "the man".

As another reviewer said, this would have been better, maybe even fine, if there had been some subtlety. The protesting was in-your-face and Miranda had a huge chip on her shoulder.

It's not a horrible movie. (It's nice if reviewers watch the whole thing before writing a review, which is usually my policy, because a lot of these movies change attitude a lot well before the halfway point,) It's just the edges are a little sharp.

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