Santa Claus Conquers the Martians


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda5 / 10

Ludicrous, yet charming, Christmas-based nonsense

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is a low budget kid's movie from the early 60's. It has a reputation as one of the worst movies ever made. But, similar to most such famously trashed films, it actually turns out to be nowhere near the worst of the worst. More accurately, this could be described as an enjoyable slice of cheese. Sure, its rubbish on several levels but it also happens to be memorable on several other levels.

The story, such as it is, has the Martians kidnapping Santa Claus and, in the process, abducting two Earth children as well. You see, the Martians want to enjoy Christmas as well. With a plot-line as moronic as that, there's really no point in splitting hairs over details and instead just sit back and watch what unfolds. The sets, costumes and make-up are all bargain-basement but they all work well enough within the confines of the plastic coated world that they exist in. Some of the highlights of the film as a whole include an angry Martian and friendly but stupid Martian, an impressively unconvincing and fake polar bear, a comedy punch up and last, yet surely best of all, a truly infectious theme song about Santy Claus. In the final analysis, there's enough strangeness here to qualify this as a bona fide cult item. It's poor, yet simultaneously quite good. Come on now; let's hear it for Santy Claus!

Reviewed by mstomaso4 / 10

Can something this dumb really be harmless?

Maybe I have a soft spot somewhere in my heart for poorly written, badly conceived, silly 1960s children's movies - but I really can't understand why Santa Claus versus the Martians is in the worst 100 movies of all time here on IMDb. Sure, most viewers will breathe a sigh of relief when it ends, but this film really seems downright harmless compared to the six month old Kennel Ration Hollywood has been feeding us as commercial film for the last ten or so years. Hey, at least it's not a remake, a sequel, or a 2 hour long CGI cartoon with a few human faces tossed in for effect.

Santa Claus gets kidnapped by distraught martians (white guys with bad green makeup and a few dishwasher parts glued to their heads, as well as inexplicable capes),who want to rescue their depressive, antisocial children from the doldrums by giving them all toys and a big red-suited guy with a beard to laugh at... err... with. Santa adapts to life on Mars very well and starts cranking out the toys with the help of Martian machines, but political controversies surrounding his activities soon threaten the fabric of Martian Society.

I'm not kidding.... really.... this is the plot.

Aside from the ludicrous plot and mediocre acting (Bill McCutcheon gives the only really enjoyable performance in this film, though Pia Zadora and Vincent Beck are not too bad),this is no worse than many of the kid films of its time. In the age of ADD and general impatience, however, this film is more than a little dated. The only modern kid I can imagine enjoying this film is one with an extraordinarily great attention span and a penchant for B-films. In terms of production, this film has the feel of a 2 hour, 1960s low budget TV show, and is almost as clever.

I would recommend avoiding this film unless you're compelled to watch films which go to extremes. I found it cute, funny, and more than a tad ridiculous. To most people, it's a film version of your great Aunt's wallpaper - it's just there on the TV, while far more interesting things are happening in the carpet below your feet.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird3 / 10

A must-see if to see how hysterically bad it is

I wouldn't put among the worst of the worst, but to be honest Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is not a good movie in my view. However, it is definitely worth seeing to see how bad it is. I do think the film starts off well, the first twenty minutes are refreshing and entertaining. After that, it is a different story, and although it is a mess it is hard not to be entertained by it.

First off, while the sets aren't too bad, the effects are hysterically awful and the costumes especially with the martians are pretty hideous. The cinematography is also rather shoddy. The music is okay, but gets too much after a while. With Hooray for Santa Claus, I wasn't sure whether to cry "Three cheers for Santa Claus" or "Bah humbug".

The script is appalling mostly, cloying and unintentionally camp, while the story is incoherent and mean-spirited and there are some real pacing problems especially in the middle. The acting is not great either, John Call initially seemed a good choice for Santa with just the right charisma, but he is too jolly and he looked drunk or out of it in some way. I think a previous commentator is right, maybe he did read the script, knew it was terrible and decided to play along.

Overall, pretty bad but entertaining also. 3/10 Bethany Cox

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