Plaga zombie: Zona mutante

2001 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by woowoowoonin9 / 10

A great, cheap slaughter-fest

Man o man I love zombie movies. If you do too, the chances are good that you'll like this little gem. Here are a few key facts: 1) It's Argentinian. And the DVD I got does not have a dubbed version, only subtitles. So if you're one of those wussies who can't handle reading and watching at the same time.....

2) It must have had a budget of about 7 Argentinian dollars. Rather than taking away from the film, I think it actually makes it better. The gore is fantastic for a low-budget foreign horror flick.

3) The actors are obviously having a blast. Two of the main characters also wrote and directed this. They have a lot of really good shots, some kick-a$$ action sequences, and many shots of "Bill" simply looking pi$$sed.

All in all, if you like gore/splatter flicks, zombie flicks, or just plain kick-a$$ flicks, go ahead and get this movie.

Reviewed by judahverrecke-110 / 10

just jumped to the top of my list..

.. of the horror-comedy genre.. easily.. don't know how it escaped me this long, but i picked it up last weekend because it looked like it'd give me some laughs, and i was coming off of my grandmother's funeral and laughs were going to be hard to come by..

well, laugh i did..

from one of the earliest scenes with the (what really has to be considered) immortal line 'on the count of three.. let's get out of here', i knew i was in for something special..

the references go deeper than just peter jackson and romero.. i saw some WONDERFUL references to 'big trouble in little china' that had me nearly in tears..

i'm not going to spoil it for anyone by telling a lot about it.. i watched it without any prior knowledge of it and i have to believe that's the best way with this movie.. if you're EXPECTING to see what they give you it may not be as effective..

all i can really say is when he pulls out the 45... oh man..

and i ain't talking' about a gun, either..

truly.. a hero and champion..

Reviewed by Death_to_Pan_and_Scan5 / 10

Not bad, not great, I'm still wrestling with whether or not I ever need to watch this film again.

I am a big fan of zombie films and even own over 50 of them on DVD, but it's one of those genres like vampires where every one and their brother seems to be taking a camcorder and making one in their backyard. There are great zombie films and downright awful ones and this falls into the middle (putting it way ahead of some low budget garbage I've sat through). It's not as good as some indie zombies & aliens films like "Undead", but to be fair, that film had a one million dollar budget and this most obviously did not have the same level of resources to draw upon.

This production was plagued with problems and took 4 years to complete. It's not a bad film per se, just not one whose story particularly interests me. It's an achievement for those involved that they finished it at all and the technical aspects of it are better than many no-budget zombie films (often shot-on-video) being made these days -- films like "Stink of Flesh" or the simply atrocious "Dead Life", which aren't much worth watching unless you want a course in how NOT to make a film. Sequels in name only like "Day of the Dead 2: Contagium", "House of the Dead 2" and "Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5" also fit into said category, yet were made with bigger budgets thereby making their failures even more egregious. Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone achieves its artistic goals far better than those films.

THE STORY: Here is where I had most of my problems with the film... Yes, some of the stuff is downright goofy, but that in and of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing. I REALLY don't care for pro-wrestling as a sport in general (be it American or of the Spanish or Mexican luchador variety which didn't endear me to the no-budget zombie film "Enter Zombie King"). I have zero interest in seeing two potentially gay fan boys fight over a luchador whose career is ended. I'd just as soon want to watch a film that wants me to feel sorry for a H.S. football captain who, after being the big shot at school, has gone on to work selling tires or working a gas station, his glory days behind him and then watch a fan boy following him around like he's still a big deal and then add zombies to the equation. Obviously, the film never connected me to this major character and as a result I had difficulty connecting to the film itself, though others may really enjoy it. But I will have to say the set decoration for John West's trophy room was well done. I loved the idea of a single floppy disk holding pertinent info necessary to the characters' survival and which takes 12 hours to 'decode' itself (I'm obviously being sarcastic on that point, I hate when films do senseless things with computers). This was obviously one of those IDIOT PLOT POINTS to kill time and have characters run in circles to get them where the writer wanted them. I didn't enjoy the plot enough to be really looking forward to a 3rd film to finish the trilogy.

The Camera-work and FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY are both pretty good for a no-budget shot-on-video production. They seem to have a better idea what they are doing than most no budget zombie films.

MAKEUP: facial makeup (latex) is obviously low budget but an improvement over the face paint of the 1st film. The gore shots are decent for no budget and there are some entertaining effects shots.

DE-ANIMATION METHODS: not quite sure how to kill a zombie in this film, there seems to be lots of decapitation though.

This isn't a bad film and you may like it better than I did, I just wasn't big on the story. It's much better than lots of ultra low budget zombie films coming out in the past decade and it does have its technical merits which make me think the filmmakers could go on to better things if they keep at it.

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