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Carrie-Anne Moss as Helen Robinson
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Tim Blake Nelson as Mr. Theopolis
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Alexia Fast as Cindy Bottoms
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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-19 / 10

Not What It First Appears - An Absurdly-Funny & Touching Film

When you see the cover of the DVD you're convinced this is some Class B cheesy cheapie, a film made for $1,000 in somebody's backyard.


This is quality material and really good. It's a comedy and a clever one at that. It also is very touching in spots, with a nice spot of kindness. The production values are very good (this looks excellent),the actors are known, the film's direction and sets are great. It's amazing. Who would have thought?

Carrie-Ann Moss, playing against-type, is terrific, as"Helen Robinson," the June Cleaver-like wife; Billy Connolly is great as the grunting good-hearted zombie "Fido;" Tim Blake Nelson ("Mr. Theopolis") is a hoot is the neighbor with the sexy zombie girlfriend "Tammy," and Henry Czerny and Dylan Baker as dads (check) are excellent, too K'Sun Ray as young "Timmy Robinson," shouldn't be overlooked, either. In fact, he probably has more lines in the movie than anyone.

If I explain the story it will sound so stupid that few of you would watch it. You'll just have to take the word of the people here who liked it and found it to be a very, very pleasant surprise. You need a dark sense of humor, though; an appreciation of the absurd.

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

Why was this film rated R?!

For the life of me, why did this film receive an R rating?! While it IS about flesh-eating zombies, believe it or not, it's actually a pretty good family-friendly film--at least if your kids are age 10 and older. Unlike the traditional zombie films, this one has an excellent sense of humor as well as a traditional values--albeit a bit twisted! The language isn't a serious problem, there is no nudity and the film style is definitely geared towards kids (much like the old TV show "Eerie, Indiana")--yet some knucklehead slapped an R rating one it! Believe me, most kids have seen worse violence than this and it just seems silly to make audiences think this is an adults only film.

The story is set in a parallel-type world. While the fashions, cars and mores appear circa 1953, in this bizarro world there has been a fierce recent zombie plague that resulted in the "zombie war" and massive changes in everyday life. At school, kids are trained in armed combat and there's a cute scene late in the film where the father gives his son a handgun and tells him to keep it in his backpack "just in case"! As for life outside of school, it's pretty weird as well, as people now have learned that zombies AREN'T such a bad thing! Heck, using shock collars and training, they can be made into slaves who can do your housework, clean streets, deliver milk or, in the case of a really sick guy, be your "special friend".

This film deals with one particular family that finally buys their first zombie slave (played by Billy Connally). Mom is thrilled and her son slowly becomes the zombie's friend. Dad, on the other hand, isn't convinced--as he was forced years early to kill his own zombie father and he hasn't yet gotten over this!! Funny, irreverent and unique--this film needs to be seen by a much wider audience.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Really cool idea

Following a '50s style sci-fi zombie apocalypse, ZOMCOM develops a collar to tame the zombies for domestic use. Communities live in fenced off middle American towns. The Robinsons (Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker, Kesun Loder) get a new zombie (Billy Connolly). Mr. Bottoms (Henry Czerny) is the head of security for ZOMCOM who has just moved into the neighborhood with his daughter Cindy (Alexia Fast).

It is a really cool idea. However after the really cool idea, it needs something more compelling. It doesn't have the needed biting comedy. It cruises along with a ultra-light monotone satire. The odd thing here is that they have muzzled Billy Connolly who is one of the funniest comedic voice around. It's not funny enough to be a light comedy if you're going to use zombies. It needs to have a much darker undertone, and it's never exciting enough as a zombie horror movie.

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