Out Cold


Comedy / Drama / Thriller

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John Lithgow Photo
John Lithgow as Dave
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Teri Garr as Sunny
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Bruce McGill as Ernie
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Randy Quaid as Lester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TedMichaelMor9 / 10

A Treasure

Delightful comedy with a fine edge for character study and subtle plays in narration, "Out Cold" looks like Edward Hopper paintings transposed into a playful movie. The Hopper like iconography blends with skillful comic acting, tight scripting, and thoughtful editing to create an utterly delightful film.

Director Malcolm Mowbray deftly handles George Marko and Leonard Glasser's droll writing. Teri Garr, Randy Quaid, and John Lithgow play off each other with precision and charm.

Some of the music sounds a bit too cute, but most of the soundtrack enhances the mood and narrative.

I wonder how I missed it at first release. I missed a treasure. There is not a false step here.

Reviewed by Vladimir_Grozescu10 / 10

What a brilliant, witty little film!

*********Minor spoiler contained below*********

This is easily one of my favorite ten movies.

The deadpan performances witty and quips between characters (the scene where Lester Atlas visits Dave at the butcher shop while he's trying to `dispose' of a corpse is absolutely hilarious!) are what make this movie shine. However, this kind of morbid humor is not for everyone, but to those of us who enjoy this brand of sick humor, enjoy!

"Out Cold" definitely deserves more credit than it's been given, and if you give it a chance, it won't disappoint you.

My Rating: Ten stars out of ten.

P.S. If you enjoyed Randy Quaid in "Out Cold", you might enjoy him in the even lesser-known film entitled "Parents". You are warned, though. `Parents' isn't a comedy; it's a very disturbing satirical look at American consumerism in the 1950's. However, it is ones of the few chances where you get a chance to see how good of an actor Randy Quaid actually is.

Reviewed by zevt8 / 10

Underrated, forgotten gem

Strangely panned by many critics yet this is actually a funny, black comedy about small-time accidents, coincidences, misunderstandings, failed scheming and murder amongst friends and spouses that has a lot more wit than the overrated Blood Simple. The plot is tight, the humor is delightfully droll and the next-door type characters are well-drawn and fun to watch despite their nastiness, simply because of the blackly amusing circumstances they find themselves in.

This did not deserve to become so obscure. Re-issue it on DVD please.

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