Our Italian Christmas Memories


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twopensfans4 / 10


I went middle of the road with my rating because, honestly, I didn't finish watching to the end. I was drawn to the title "Our Italian Christmas Memories" because I come from a family that is Italian on my father's side.

First of all, the casting was disappointing to me. Most of the cast is not Italian and doesn't even look Italian. Most are Canadian. The late matriarch of the family floats in and out of an Italian accent.

Second, they pepper the few obligatory Italian words and phrases throughout the scenes: nonno, nonna, Buon Natale, sugo (which they pronounce incorrectly as "suko" the entire time).

Third, which I realize is essential to their plot, they contend that none of the children or grandchildren in the family wanted to learn how to cook. This is unheard of in Italian homes. Kids are brought into the kitchen very early and they are very excited to be taught how to cook and bake by their mothers, grandmothers, fathers, whoever might be teaching.

Fourth, the feast of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve was barely mentioned. Of course, that was at least up to the point where I quit watching.

What really made my head explode was the CHRISTMAS PICKLE! That is a GERMAN tradition!! Not Italian!! Hallmark has even mentioned that being a German tradition before in their movie "Christmas Getaway."

I'm guessing whoever wrote, cast, directed, produced and acted in this movie has never spent any time around an Italian family at any time let alone Christmas. Very disappointing.

Reviewed by LtlHippo3 / 10

Just ok

Eh, nothing to get excited over. I loved Sarah in The Good Witch series. She's so beautiful but WOW, that wig was a horrible choice for her, it looked fake and awful. She saved this movie. Beau Bridges was good. That's about it. So many storylines but the worst was the lead finding love in a matter of days, and he just happens to be handsome, single, great job. How many young doctors like him just happen to be available? The sister was obnoxious. The lesbian couple added nothing really. The mom who came and left. It's like here she is, here she isn't. The chef guy, added nothing and no chemistry with his girlfriend who declares her love. Gave this a generous 3 just because of Sarah.

Reviewed by vranger7 / 10

So close to a 10 in many ways ... but an important warning

If your family has already gone through incipient or fully developed dementia with a parent or close grandparent, this movie is a VERY difficult watch. We did. It was painful at the time and painful to be reminded of years later.

Let me leave one piece of advice for families who struggle with dementia. Find a GREAT facility with a GREAT memory impaired wing. The normal person cannot substitute love and a desire to serve for the professional training required to deal with this disease. We tried, SO HARD, for six months and everyone was miserable. One incident in the movie reminded me of the day I had to take the keys out of the deadbolts and screw L-brackets onto the windows as we cared for my father-in-law.

Beau Bridges portrayal was perfect. Superb acting and on the money.

The movie lost stars for us from the other subplots. The writers were simply too ambitious with virtually everyone having a meltdown.

The two romances didn't have the scenes needed to properly build to their conclusions because of the overly packed plot.

You may appreciate much of this film as you watch it and relive some family trauma as well. Having once lived it, we won't relive it again by rewatching this film.

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