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Reviewed by N765RV10 / 10

A High Definition Aviation Masterpiece

I'm currently working on my private pilot's license and when I learned of "One Six Right" I was immediately captivated by its' message and the stories it told. Even though I live on the East Coast and have never visited our western states, I immediately knew that someway, somehow, I would see this film when it premiered. Several months later as I boarded my flight to California, I realized just how irrational I had become. Here I was, a normally logical pragmatic adult, traveling across the entire country, taking a week out of my life not to mention the expense, and for what? A movie? Yes, I must be insane. Well, hopefully not insane, just in love with flying. And, we all know the irrational things we can do in the name of love.

Looking forward to the film with such anticipation, I feared I had set myself up to be disappointed, but that was not to be the case. Everything was absolutely perfect from the amazing photography and music to the personal stories told throughout. Within minutes, tears were forming, then steadily streaming down my cheeks. I didn't care. All I could think, was that one day I'd set the wheels of my little Cessna down on Van Nuys' runway 16R and what a glorious day it would be.

If you have the opportunity to see "One Six Right" on the big screen, don't think twice, just go !

Reviewed by N4037G10 / 10

An amazing experience!

This film is an amazing experience for pilots and non pilots alike.

Having learned to fly at Van Nuys, the film has a particularly special meaning to me. However, you don't need to be a pilot to enjoy the film. The cinematography, visual effects and music are incredible.

One Six Right commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Van Nuys Airport. The film includes a restored collection of historical still and movie images from the Airport and over the San Fernando Valley. These images are integrated into this high definition film in a way that I can only describe as magic.

The film also focuses on the modern day struggle of the General Aviation Airport to survive within an urban environment and amidst a challenging economy. Highlighting this point, One Six Right contains an emotional sequence of Mayor Richard Daley's intentional destruction of Chicago's Meigs Field that will bring tears to the eyes of anyone whose life was ever touched by aviation.

The entire experience captures the modern and historical aspects of aviation, as well as the significant role aviation has played in the growth of Southern California's economy.

This is a beautifully done film that I'm sure I will see again and again.

Reviewed by larput7 / 10

Sit back and enjoy an outstanding documentary about the passion of mastering flight.

It is a masterpiece! You can almost smell the Jet A at the edge of the runway. The lighting is some of the best you will see in a documentary ... period.

The boom and gyro aerial shots are absolutely breathtaking. When it was over I took out my log book and logged a half hour PIC.

It is a great movie to watch on low IFR days for all people who love aviation and those dedicated souls and loved ones that support us and understand our passion. This film speaks to us. Hopefully it will encourage others to take a trip to their local strip. When they get there, please, be ready to answer the questions this film stimulates.

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