One Perfect Day



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Abbie Cornish as Emma Matisse
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Andrew Howard as Hector Lee
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Leigh Whannell as Chris
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Kerry Armstrong as Carolyn Matisse
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Reviewed by bbumatay10 / 10

Loved, Loved, Loved it!

This movie has the best soundtrack! I watched it at the Tribeca Film Festival exactly one year ago in April 2004, and it still hasn't been released in the US as far as I know. And I still haven't seen any news of the soundtrack being released either. I hate how it isn't easier to see foreign films sometimes. Even in NYC. If this film does ever make it out, I think most people will really enjoy it. Not only is the music and story outstanding, but the message is a good one. I don't think this film has been extremely well received in Australia where it is from, but the US would eat it up. Great work on combining good music, good cinematography, and a good story!

Reviewed by pete-1318 / 10

my kind of people, minus the drugs

I waited a long time see this movie. I first saw the long 2 min and 30 second trailer on the PVD DVD Global. I was immediately impressed. I first bought the soundtrack as an import, listened to that thoroughly and liked it a lot, as I am an avid lover the trance and techno.

I then got the DVD from Australia which took me awhile to get. I might be one of the few people who has it in North America. But anyways on to the movie, the sound is very impressive, the use of music in scenes is very well done, they even made Emma's death look like a fantastic abyss. The acting isn't the best, and the story line is a tad faulty, I don't feel anything for these people who put themselves in a drug ridden world. But when the movie is about the music, it really owns. The best part was when Tommy talks about how the crickets process and hear things, and how music is to them, it is real interesting and one of the films high moments. The DJing concepts and music scenes are done very well. The ending is not that great. This film is all about the music and it leaves you dancing with it, however I think the character of Tommy could have played a better final opus.

A good Austrailian film, they are real cool people whenever I meet em.

People need to start hearing beyond what they hear now, there is so much more to life than top 40 and getting up and going to work every day....someone once asked me why I like trance so much...I simply answered it with another question..."have you ever been in a place where everyone is on the same page? but reading a different book?"


Reviewed by jeepcj5guy4 / 10

Nothing perfect about this movie...

...This critique does contain spoilers...

I wouldn't go so far as to say that this movie was a total failure, but it was pretty bad. Following in the footsteps of films like Groove, which to one degree or another focuses on rave culture, recreational drug use and dance music, this movie had the potential to go above and beyond the stereotypical counterculture film because it takes a much different angle. Creating music out of real-life sounds and rhythms is by no means new, but it is a fairly unique idea and the actual composition of electronic music is not something any other film in this genre has really examined (at least from what I've seen). The cinematography is pretty good, the acting isn't horrible and the plot is interesting. Unfortunately this movie is so focused on mixing drama and emotionally-charged plot twists into the formula that it loses touch with the message it is trying to provide; or, at least, the message is overshadowed by the writers trying too hard to make the movie dramatic and it falls flat on its face. What's sad is the plot could have been much more coherent and resonating if only a few bad choices weren't made.

For one thing, how did Tommy go from never having mixed live electronic music to being some kind of DJ prodigy in the course of a few days or weeks? I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way, even with previous music experience (I know a couple of DJ's who took years to get to that point). Two: what is the point of having the sister and the girlfriend die (and possibly the third death of the sister's unborn baby)? This is hyperbolized, soap opera nonsense. The love triangle thing with the drug dealer guy – also pretty dumb. Three: how is Tommy even capable of functioning after these two (or three) supposedly significant deaths let alone able to get up on stage and spin an awesome music set for the second time in his life? Of course, that's not all that's wrong with this movie and I would go into more detail, but I just don't feel like writing a thesis on plot trajectory vs. theme and character development and all that nonsense. Bottom line: it's somewhat entertaining, but nothing extraordinary like some people here seem to think.

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