New Year's Eve

2022 [TURKISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by olivesandvines8 / 10

Definitely worth watching

Gulse Birsel, one of the notable names of contemporary Turkish comedy made a new year's eve movie definitely worth watching. The movie is very good since it presents Gulse Birsel's humor but in a more critical sense. The movie brings stark criticisms towards contemporary Turkish society and the aura of Turkish politics through the characters that come together incidentally in a new year's eve night celebration during a Covid-19 lockdown. Those well-played characters are people who we know from our lives. In today's Turkey, Gulse Birsel made a blunt, political yet a naive comedy which we missed. The crew, the characters they play and the acting is also very good, except the lack of chemistry between Fatih Aritman and Sebnem Bozoklu.

Reviewed by karyaoktem1 / 10

So bad and big dissapointment

I am so suprised cause I had so big expectations for this movie and I am a big fan of Gulse Birsel. I could not finish the movie and skipped many times since I got so bored in general scenerio. Also other actors are so big and successful people so I am shocked how all of them were so okey to shoot this movie without any doubt and after could get sattisfied. So weird. You really dissaponted me Gulse. Characters were so extreme and there was no logic in dialogs in my case.

Ozan Aciktan also good in his work but after Aile Arasi I really didn't get why they decreased the level that much. I hope next works will be better so we can forget this experience.

Reviewed by yusufpiskin1 / 10

Worst Christmas/New Year Movie Ever.

2022 Disney+ movie written by Gürse Birsel and directed by Ozan Açiktan.

First of all, it is necessary to congratulate the 'Disney+' side. They managed to shoot the worst Christmas/New Year movie of the last 20 years.

Disgraceful performances, terrible cinematography, a terrible script, a director trying to save the day.

The worst work of 'Ozan Açiktan'.

The worst work of 'Gürse Birsel'.

The worst job of any of the actors and actresses in the cast.

There isn't a single good thing about the movie that can be touched.

And on top of that, the duration of the movie is 141 minutes.

All the phenomenal accounts that gave this movie more than half a point on Letterboxd were given because the staff members were friends or not to lose their chance to join Disney+ organizations.

Not to mention the more disgraceful song selections.

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