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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Wow, do I feel out of step!

WALL-E is a very popular Oscar-winning film, so my giving it a 6 must seem like sacrilege. However, I don't do this just to buck convention or be a jerk---I just thought it didn't have a particularly good plot. As for the animation, not surprisingly, it's absolutely beautiful--probably the prettiest CGI film to date.

The story begins on a desolate Earth. Everywhere is garbage and the crumbling bits of a long-dead city are the home of WALL-E the robot. Apparently, his job is to help clean up the mess and it's obvious he has been doing it for centuries. You see no other robots, so you assume that they have long since ceased functioning. This portion of the movie lasts quite a while--with no dialog and not much story.

A bit later, a probe lands on the Earth and WALL-E is thrilled because he apparently is lonely. The other robot seemed rather reticent to engage with WALL-E, but WALL-E follows 'Eve' like a stalker. Eventually, Eve finds a lone plant and pulls it inside its shell. Then she seems to shut down. However, a ship soon arrives and brings her back to a huge space cruiser filled with weeble-like humans. It seems that Eve's purpose was to seek out evidence of life on Earth so that the humans can return after a 700 year absence. It seems that they made the planet pretty uninhabitable in the 2100s and now, perhaps, it's time to go home. However, there is an unexpected glitch that may prevent the ship from returning.

My problems with the story have to do with anthropomorphizing the robots. They are NOT human and they cannot possess feelings--yet in this Disney world they do. Well, this is hard to believe, but even if this is so, the robots only have a bit of a personality. They are not so lovable and they have very limited vocabularies. Because of that, the first 39 minutes are pretty dull, as there isn't much to do other than watch WALL-E (for the first 15 or so minutes) or Eve and WALL-E for the next 24 minutes. Once the humans are involved, it gets a bit better--but only just a bit. Most of this final segment of the film seems to be chase scenes and the humans are given practically no personality as well. I don't see how kids sat still during the movie and I assume this is a film that critics loved but I can't imagine younger kids loving with the same fervor as TOY STORY or MONSTERS, INC..

Overall, a lovely film to look at so I give it a 7 just for the amazing artistry, but a rather unexpectedly dull story keeps it from a higher score. I know that puts me in a small minority, but this seems like Pixar's most overrated film. Heck, the short film that preceded WALL-E (PRESTO) was much better than the film that followed.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

Simply amazing!

I heard mixed reviews on WALL-E, there were those who said it was magical, and those who said it was one of the most overrated movies ever. I will say I loved this movie, it is a truly beautiful movie. It could have done with being a tad longer perhaps, but essentially this is more than a movie with A List vocal talents, WALL-E has genuine heart and will definitely enchant children and any Pixar fan. All I will say is that I am sorry it took me such a long time to see it, I will admit I was differing whether I should see it or not. But I am glad I did. The animation is simply incredible, the whole film is wonderful to look at. The whole movie is done in a very sophisticated visual style, and the bright colours and sublime backgrounds were a delight to the eyes. The music is stunning, the orchestral themes are gorgeous but the song from Hello Dolly! was great and fitted in with the story well. Speaking of the story, it may seem thin to some, but it is a very simple heart warming one all the same with depth and poignancy. There are some very imaginative moments, such as the zero-gravity dance and the ride through space. The voice cast that includes Fred Willard, Sigourney Weaver and Pixar regular John Ratzenburger did an exceptional job, and all the characters were endearing. What made the movie was WALL-E himself, he has to be one of the most lovable and in-depth Pixar characters ever, and the writers create a very haunting atmosphere in the early scenes to match our little hero's isolation. All in all, brilliant, quite possibly one of the best films of 2008. 9.5/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle9 / 10

PIXAR does it again

The world is one giant garbage heap. Humanity under BnL Corp has taken off on giant cruise spaceships for a 5 year tour but they have been gone for much longer. Meanwhile they have left garbage collecting robots like WALL·E to clean up the earth. It spends it's days packing garbage into cubes. Then one day, an advanced robot EVE is dropped off to do reconnaissance. EVE collects samples and blasts everything that moves. When WALL-E shows EVE a plant, her mission is complete and she is retrieved by a spaceship. WALL-E follows EVE and grabs a ride back to cruise ship. It finds the human race are now chubby blobs who are always eating and sitting on their floating chairs.

This is a cute movie. There is no dialog with the robots. The use of robotic beeps and tones create their voices. It's as much fun as any of the best silent movies staring Chaplin or Keaton. Most of the movie takes place without human dialog. It is imaginative and original. It is another one of the amazing offerings from PIXAR.

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